I am a canadian lady coming to kuala lumpur soon, and i am looking to teach english, either in a school, or tutoring groups or privately.
you can email me xxx
thank you

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Hello there Joknmal,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Teaching job offers in Kuala Lumpur section of the website. This will enable you to create your cv and benefit from more visibility on the website.

All the very best


You can register to this website...



thank you Rizza


I went on to check the my private tutor site, after filling out all the information, i see i had to pay 40.00 cdn that is a lot, i never finished it.  Couldn't really afford it.
I appreciate you telling me about it.

There's a high demand of English tutors in Malaysia, I received emails from this company almost daily notifying me of new searchers for tutors and I have not paid a single cent. 
You don't have to pay for now, they will continue to email you notifying you of new searchers of tutors. When you're ready then only you take action. 
Many thanks.

oh, well I dont know why it says when i entered all my information,  it accepted all of that but, it said when you have a free subscription you can only look at 1 or 2 ads,  when you pay you get alot of them ?  I dont understand that. 
Is there anyway, you can give my personal email address if you hear people are looking for tutors. I am going to Kuala Lumpur, but i was hoping to have something to come to, since we need money to live.  Like I had said my fiance is there for the past few months, but I still need to work.
Thank you

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Hi maybe you can email me instead if you want to.  What is it you do for work there, do you teach English, or I think it said Real Estate, is that right ?

im siti .. i think you might want to be proof editor? i am one of University Putra Malaysia students . usually students need proof reading to edit their thesis. if you really interested, maybe i can introduce you to my friends?. it cost around rm700 to rm1500 depends on their field.


Hi Siti

Thank you for that information.   I will definitely keep that in mind for when I arrive there.  I will message you .  My email address is xxx

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Hi! I do Real Estate full time, tutoring only to pass the time.
And from that website I sent you, I get loads of notification of wanted tutor daily although I didn't pay a single cent.
Don't worry about it. Cheers.

I forgot to mention i went on the site and found some good tutoring jobs, and i can't get their email addresses unless i pay 10 rm , so i don't know what is going on lol

Yes, 10 ringgit is not much.  Plus you'll get to choose your students.  There are also expats with children looking for tutors.  I'm sure they prefer Native English Speakers.  Don't worry much, it'll be fine once you get here.  Cheers!

10 rm for every one I want to reply to , that is alot lol 3.20 canadian for every one, that adds up fast.  This is why i need the work,  I am out of work here in Canada, so I cant really afford that.  I may try just one to see what happens.

Thank you

Ok im not a good speaker..and im using broken english ..i am appologise if you have problem to understand my hoping that by chatting here in forum will improve my english. I am waiting for my viva right know and im sure there will be more students need proof reading to edit their thesis before submit. Im sure you can handle malay broken english than you will have no problem to edit..heheheh my previous editor mr patrick.he is now almost 74 years but still doing proof reading not only from UPM but all other university in malaysia. He just reply with them using email.and he english is excellent. Usually students will give you their thesis and within 1 month their expect that you finish editing.and you also can do editing on journal. Im sure u can make a  lot of money from proof editing.

I am looking for an english teacher. I work so I can do my english lesson on  Saturday morning. I speack english a little but not well.I'm french.
Can you say me you price ?
Thanks in d'avance .

Hi working in malaysia as a tutor is very hard as illegal without a work permit. Most private tutors are teachers with a work permit (still illegal though to dobthe extra!) Or spouses of expats (again illegal but.....). Legit local agencies wont hire you as you have to be malaysian or with PR.

Malaysia has very high levels of English profeciency and there is a good supply of local ESL teachers. Jobs for expats are generally

- support teachers in international schools. Generally either as a qualified teacher (certified to work in home country) or with a celta and many years experience. The bad international schools will hire anyone white with a degree in english but pay bad and so are teaching conditions. Pay can be 15k a month at a legit school with UK QTS or 2.5k for an iranian lit grad. Sometimes schools hire spouses with celtas and pay min or a little above 5k.

- british council jobs. Usually with a DELTA and paid upto 12k a month

- MOE consultancy jobs. Depends on quals but pay 10k or plus in a few cases. Will be more than 5k.

- language school legit jobs. 5 to 8k depending on quals

This isnt thailand, south korea or taiwan where jobs are easy to get in tefl.

hi u still teaching English? in malaysia? how much per hour? thanks

Hi there,

are you still in KL?
I am a Peruvian woman who wants to improve her English with a native speaker.
Feel free to contact me if you are still interested,

Thank you!


Hye, I'm looking for a informal verbal speaking tutor for myself.I want to improve my spoken English, prefer female native English tutor. I would like to chat and have some basic conversations with (tutor) via phone or facebook daily for at least 3 months to improve my spoken English.Fees I prefer to pay monthly basis, RM200-RM300. Again I'm mentioned I'm not looking for very professional tutor those prepared books and slides for tutorials, I'm just looking for a informal verbal  tutors, just spend some time to chat with me daily, so by chat with a native speaker I can improve my spoken English.  Kindly reply me as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your kindness.

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