Is there an agency that can provide House Maids in Addis Ababa?

Hi All,

I'm looking to see how much a house maid would cost in Addis Ababa, and if there are any websites or agencies that I can contact that provide this service?  I'm ok with a live-in maid or one that would come in for a few hours per week..  Cleaning, cooking, and maintaining house work.  I appreciate any information you have.

I'm Ethiopian by birth; American by nationality.   The maid does not need to speak English. 

Thank you in advance,

Hello Neb

I invite you to drop an advert in the Personal and household services job offers in Addis Ababa section of the site to increase your chances to find a house maid.


hello nebster.I know someone who is  interested in the position you are looking to hire. She has experience working as a live in house maid before. She has worked for a diplomat and can understand English even thaugh she cant speak so well. Contact me if you are Interested in discussing your terms

hi...The is no formal agencies here , but there wadge range from 700-1200birr per month

I m looking for a housemaid to work in Bahrain


I do not know about a agency especially for service staff, there are some professional recruitment companies, but more or less for high level staff.
In general the same people who are so called "broker" for houses in Addis also link up with service staff.
Due to the booming construction it is getting difficult to find good service staff, I suggest
1. contact brokers in your area
2. explain them carefully what you are looking for / for example age etc.
3. take all copies of passport etc.
4. ask the service girl to provide a "guarantee" that is common in Ethiopia and means that she has to bring some one who gives her testimonial in written and that he takes over the responsibility for a certain amount, also take his passport

Also it works if you ask the service girls in your neighbourhood if they now some one who is looking for work!



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