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My husband is from DR but has been in the USA for 25yrs. He is now thinking of opening up a grocery store in DR. His father owners some land and they would like to build on it. He doesn't know the laws in DR or the process of opening up a business. I would appreciate some guidence on the first steps to take. 


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If its in the right spot it can do very well. First thing is see the competition you have around property, may be better to go elsewhere if location is not good. I would locate where people do not own vehicles

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Ok back on topic it is very very very important that you do some investigation before you sink one pesos into this venture.  Most new ventures fail here and the main reason is that no true "need" research was done.

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i have three businesses here. One is the largest engine rebuilding machine shop in Puerto Plata. Be prepared to work long hours and deal with all kinds of problems.

IMO a grocery store can be a good one. Several of my friends have opened them. if it was me I would find a location where no one has transportation or limited access. Several people I know in USA have done this. the large stores move out and they put small stores in strip centers close to Hispanic apartments. Not sure if this method works here but it does in Houston. We have a very crowded store here right down the road from La Sirena. the place is cheaper and its only 6 blocks away. I would say 90% of the customers walk there.
Do some research first for the competition, does not cost much.See who you are up against.

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Texas, you are dead on. The market  & demografphic search works for any service oriented business.  What works in you experience doesn't mean that it will work here. Always be mindful of the economic & cultural differences.  Good luck.   Aly errors due to impossibility of reading this miniscule ble type.  It is typing on a blank page, you know what you wrote, but can not see it to be sure.  You cannot correct what you can't see & cannot replycogently when you are not sure of what you are attempting to read.  This does not bode well for a happy new year for any of us using this site. It will be a sad dad day when I am forced to bid you adieu.  From the heart & mind of Gypsy401-The Tinker & the Tuba & the yet unannounced other characters residing within me. This is not a spurious statement. I have thought it out & came to this painful decision.  Fix it now, Or I be gone to other greener grazing pastures.. If this tragedy comes to pass, I wll PM those who care if they will accept my ocassional diatribes against mans foibles & refisal to live life as an adventure.  Hey Kwanza Is coming. Where was it when I was a child?  Bless thosw worthy of it & those not worthy should strive to be so.

Thanks to everybody for the extra corroboration of my stats on why the dr ranks 99 un ease of doing business........76 in economic freedoms,   120 on corruption.   But I fully realize that some think these facts are irrelevant, or even 'inappropriate' to mention.

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I am sure there are some threads form early 2006  you can dredge up to make your point.  I agree with Planner we have all read it.  Time for some new info

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I thought you were going to say thanks, for complimenting you guys.   You are giving evidence as to why the dr is so abysmally low in all rankings.

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