[Ask] Affordable gym around district 1 and 3


I am moving to Saigon in the beginning of January. While trying to find a job I would like to do some exercise in town.
Do you have any recommendation for affordable gym?

Your help is much appreciated!


I think it depends what you define as affordable. from my own observations, the 'cheap' gyms are filled with only male testosterone. whilst woman often can be seen at more modern established gyms. I think gyms are a new thing for Vietnamese women.

Ah okay.
I found some cheap gym in town but I didn't know woman are rarely there

Thanks for the comment!

If you don't read Vietnamese, just look for the photos on the signs.  Male only gyms will have extreme bodybuilders while the coed and women's gyms will have women in spandex suits.

Could try Lan Anh on Cach Mang Thang Tam street in Dis 3. You can pay daily or monthly. It is basically just one big room but it is okay.

There is a nice affordable, 400k/month gym by Colombia hospital. Many women work out there and it just went up a few years ago, has A/C and nice people. It's perfect.

HCMC should really have some good gyms by now, so just go and try out a few first before you commit to a month...

Try CandN gym and yoga studio in the ILA building in Phan Xich Long. 386 I think is the number, near crossroad of Phan Dang Luu. Aircon, modern equipment and around 650,000 per month I recall.

Good day, Just read your post from June about the gym near Colombia Hospital, do you have a street address? Many thanks

I'm in district 1 but in Dakao ward, so a little far from city center. I'm looking for a gym, doesn't have to be fancy and over priced (I hope). Location could be this part of district 1 or also in district 3 or Binh Thanh district. Many thanks

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