Dubai fireworks New Years Eve

Hi Dubai experts,

I have planned to join my friends in Dxb to watch the fireworks display this new years eve. I will land around 8ish. My questions to you all are.

1. Considering its new years eve, will i have ample time to reach Downtown.
2. What the best possible means of transport to reach there? Metro from airports perhaps?
3. My friends will be camping early in downtown to secure a nice spot. Would i be able to join them through the crowd?

Any suggestions would help really.


The metro will mostly be out of service by that time. last year when I went I reached around 6ish in Dubai (Ibn Batoota) and the train was not working due to the huge amount of people. So I don't think you will be able to use the train.
From the airport to burj khalifa (assuming this is your reference for "downtown") won't take that long in normal basis, but in new year's well... good luck :)
As far as I can tell, your best solution will be Uber and not a normal taxi since that will cost a ton.

Hope this helps.

Hello All!

I'm planning to attend this year's (2016) fireworks. I read that the best place to watch all three fireworks- Burj Khalifa, Burj al-arab and the atlantis is from the beach by Al-sofouh. 
Any tips, things to remember and experiences from last years?


I got a tip for you. Stay at home and don't o out. At new year s eve it's gonna be like hell.


I'm going to travel from Kuwait to Dubai on new year's eve, just for the fireworks! :D willing to be part of the craziness!

Make sure you go to dubai mall at 3 or max 4 pm other wise you won't have a chance. If you get in there's no way to get out till 1 Am at least opinion don't do it not worth it .or you can make a reservation at the Address hotel downtown kala bar but its gonna cost you some money.

Depends on the spot your friends chooses, If that in downtown, near to the Burj, Chances are low. Still, I think if your out of the airport before 8:45 and you got into a metro, Then its possible.

Good Luck and hope you will get to see the fireworks from a best spot.  :top:

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