Learn moroccan or arabic standard on the center

Hi everyone ,

Their is a center in Marrakesh for people is not native speaker who would like to learn arabic ,  the program from moroccan and middle east.
www arabic ma

All professors are graduate from the university of marrakech in arabic language they are professional on nice place in Gueliz is one the moderne area in Marrakech city .

In morocco all guys graduate in mechanic or english language or ant topics  , they try to say i'm teacher in arabic , in France  even we born their and do all our life when we come to morocco we aren't say im french teacher cause french teacher study 5 years in university before to teach .Litle modestie in morocco we need.

The cost is good.
Have a look .

Lessane arabi Center
arabic ma

can you suggest me a place where to learn arabic in casablanca ?


I can suggest only centers in marackech

How much is the cost and for how long the courses are ?

do you have specific for professional centers, or you just want to learn it for everyday life use ?

About the price is 3 hours a day everyday 5times a week for 1500 Dhs the month.

They have a web  have a look  www arabic ma

For some reason it's quite difficult to find a cheap Arabic teacher in Casablanca I'm looking for the same so if I find one I will let you know.

Many thanks

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