i wanna have Korean friends

Hello all,

in May i was in Seoul and i liked the Seoul. Soon i wanna travel to Seoul again. but i do bot have Korean friends. Please send me reply. i wanna have Korean friends.


Hi Sel,

How are you? My name is Roxana I live in Canada. I was reading your profile and love it! I am actually looking for people that want to succeed in South Korea and meet new people.

My company just opened there and looking for driven, passionate, go getters... as per your profile you like new challenges :)

Here is my website

If you are interested or know someone that could benefit from this opportunity please let me know I would be happy to help!

Have an amazing day and talk to you soon!


Hi Roxana!
I would love to have both Korean friend's and a job before i travel to Korea. I would love to know if you still need people for your company?  If you still hiring people? I am living in Sweden/Stockholm it is in Scandinavia and i'm over 40 year's old but still young and beautiful.
I love to have a answer from you.  I wish you and your love one's well being and happiness in life.

Sincerely / Celia
From / Sweden, Stockholm

Hi Celia,

Roxana is no longer on the forum. I invite you to participate on other threads (recent or create your own topic) so that you may get some interaction.

All the best,

Thank you for your answer. I am both very grateful  and thankful for it. I wish you and your love one's well being and happiness in life. Please stay healthy and well.😄

Sincerely / Celia
From / Sweden, Stockholm

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