Malaysian community in Tianjin

Please get in touch with me at ***

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Hi CH2HAU and welcome to :)

It would be great if you can start by introducing yourself first, so that other members can know more about you.

Why are you looking for Malaysian community in Tianjin please? Maybe you can give us more details.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi all,

I'm new in Tianjin and going to work for 2 years here. Thought of gathering all fellow Malaysian for weekly get together. I live in Binhai area. Welcome all to contact me at xxx

Merry Christmas! Cheers!

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Hello there CH2HAU,

If you want to organise an event you may create an advert here :

This will help you manage invitations and of course will be more visible to members. You will also be able to view the number of participants.

Just one thing, remember to send invitations  ;)

All the best

Brother we have big group of malaysian for QQ group,please join us " malaysian in china" group

Hi bro, thanks for the info. I've sent my request to join in that group. Looking forward to chat with you guys!

any we chat group for malaysian community in China?

Good question Jessie. I am looking for one. Where are you residing?

I am in Dalian....  Hardly can get any Malaysian here :(

I just met a Malaysian in the bar moment ago...unbelieveable

hi guys. I just transferred to Tianjin. Any activities here?

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