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Hi everyone,

after spending some time in Vietnam (nearly 3 month during the last year) I am considering to search for an expat job in Vietnam. Living there would interest me, after spending my whole life in Germany and Great Britain.

I hold a MA (Hon), and worked in Project Management for 5 years (involved in technical projects as well in operational integration after our bank took over another bank) followed by 3 1/2 working as Strategic Manager in the Operative area of a large UK Bank. Currently working for a German tax consultancy, but just started in that field.

I am just wondering, are there job opportunities in my field of expertise (prefer strategic management over project management) for an expat in Vietnam?
And what would be the right way to approach this (need to contact agencies etc.)? I never done the expat route, but I lived abroad for a long time (it was still within Europe), but I am now in a part of my life where I see this as a great chance to do this step.

Just gathering some information, and trying to get the right feel if this is the right thing, and if I find something in my field of experience.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.


HI Stefan,

Are you interested in doing some work as a Program Manager or Senior Project Manager for a IT firm? I will check tomorrow with the HR and see if there is a opening for a PM. As far as i can remember we had a few openings for expats and currently we have around 9 expats working with us :-)

Are you based in Hanoi or HCMC ?

Apologies for the delayed response, I never realised I got a response.

I am currently based in Germany, but would move to either Hanoi or HCMC.
However, I worked mainly in the banking industry, both as analyst and strategic manager. But hearing about possible roles would be great,

I know it has been a few month since my initial question was asked. At the time I decided not to progress with the idea due to some personal circumstances. However - they have changed again.

So I am back to my initial idea, trying to relocate to Vietnam.

I checked jobs online for the area, and have not sen anything that I would fulfil the requirements.
Another problem is that I can potentially only move in the second half of 2017. But I would need to know if there are actually chances finding a job, as I need to tell my friend - who is also my boss - early enough about my plan to quit, so he can get arrangements for himself.

So I wonder if anyone knows an agency I could contact to find out if there are potential roles in Project Management, or preferable, in strategic areas that would fit my qualifiaction and skills.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Hi Stefan,

I'm not an expat in Vietnam, and has not done job search as an expat here myself.

I know other expats who have jobs in Vietnam,
but mostly they're assigned by their companies to come here
OR come here and find job as English teacher,
so I don't know very well about this.

But, here are few tips I have in my mind (assume that you've not done):

- Complete a professional profile of you,
will be very helpful if you have a link to your LinkedIn profile, for example.

- Widen your search and network: beside,
there are and few Facebook groups of expats in Vietnam
maybe helpful for you.

- Try to post on some job channels,
someone said on Facebook that he got hired via
(he just wanted to ask about taxes)

- I don't know if is something relevant to your interest/skill/experience,
but I know someone who work in this company.


Hey Stefan,

I would strongly suggest you to try connecting with people through LinkedIn. You won't find much through online job search and most recruiters don't speak very good english in my opinion.

Will keep you in mind if anything comes across.

Thanks for your replies.

So English Teacher is def not an option - I am out of that age unfortunately.

I have updated my LinkedIn profile - but have another go at it. I might contact some financial companies this way - working in that industry for 10 years it is an area where I got all my expertise in. So I will do that as a next step.

if anyone knows another way to get in touch with agencies or companies who might look for an expat in that area, I would really appreciate to kinow about it.

Thanks again for all your help.

With personal life keeping me busy I had to put the plan to get a job in Vietnam on hold.

Now with CV nearly fully updated, I would be tempted to contact some recruitment agencies. Can anyone recommend a few in Vietnam I could contact?

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