Customs Regulations: Home brew - yeast, etc ?


im moving in two months to Amman. Im used to brew my own beer here in australia :-)

is anyone there who has an idea what are the regulations in Jordan ?

Can i import or bring with me some yeast, etc. ?


Cheers Stefan

is homebrew legal in Jordan ?

Cheers Stefan

Hi Stefan,

You have a lot questions about beer and topics related on this.
You have to know that Jordan is an Islamic country where the majority wont drink alcohol, at least not in public.
But there are some places you can buy alcohol and its available in hotels and bars. Keep in mind that its not cheap.

I don't know anything about brewing alcohol by yourself or the regulations in this matter but something tells me its not allowed for the reason I give you above.

There is not such as a free zone in Jordan, you can buy some things less expensive but you have to pay taxes anyway. And when you leave the free zone you will be checked by the "border police" so you cant buy unlimited for your personal use. Zarka free zone is up north of Amman while Aqaba is in the south of Jordan.

I hope this will clear some questions for you.

Thanks for your answer

I'm totally aware that Jordan is an Muslim country.

Home brew is an hobby of me and if its illegal I will not do it but if its legal why not :-)

It's also in Australia forbidden to drink in public

But I like a nice glass of wine or an ice cold beer after work or for dinner.

I been already for a week to Amman and I liked it it was heaps better than I expected.

I just singed my new working contract and I get everything ready here for the move



I would suspect that homebrewing is illegal in Jordan as it is in many other Muslim nations. Certainly you will find out when you try to import any products such as malt, yeast, etc. they'll probably get confiscated by Customs if the making of beer at home is not legal. Perhaps before you try importing any and risk confiscation, you should check if the products are locally available. The availablility (or absence thereof) of brewing ingredients would be a fairly clear indicator of the legality of homebrewing in Jordan.

James Experts Team

Home brewing common in the Jordanian Christian community, however I wouldn't know about the availability of yeasts.

laiths :

Home brewing common in the Jordanian Christian community, however I wouldn't know about the availability of yeasts.

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