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I plan to arrive in Sosua the second week of March 2016.  I have been trying with no success to reach the mail forwarding company CPS.  I want to set up an account with a Miami address so I can ship several small boxes to Sosua prior to my arrival.  I was unable to reach a person at the Miami or Santo Domingo offices.  I tried sending an e-mail but it would not go through.  Finally, I reached the Santiago office.  I was told that I have to set up an account at the Puerto Plata office to receive packages in Sosua. 

Have any of you guys used CPS?  If so, what have been your experience?  Are there other mail forwarding companies that you would recommend?  I have used Mail Boxes etc,. in other countries but it does not appear that it services puerto Plata or Sosua.

Sorry guys, I did not see the recent post on this topic

Let us know if you still have questions.  We use CPS all the time and are very happy with their service and outstanding customer service.

We use the office in Sosua.

Bob K

Thank you Bob.  I posted my question before I discovered that someone had already post a question about  Mail forwarding companies.

You are welcome.  Have a great Holiday season.

Bob K

Harry welcome to the forums!!!!  I will send you me a Private Message,  I can give you the email address for the Puerto Plata  CPS office!   The good news is you have lots of time before  March.   

I used the CPS office there for a couple of years,  then I used the Santo Domingo office for  4 years and now another  year in La Romana -  ALL GOOD!!!!!   Rarely a problem,  decent pricing and good service.

Hope that helps you.

Thank you Planner

You are very welcome. IF that email doesn't work let me know, I am in Puerto Plata over the holidays and I will pop in to see her!

I will e-mail her Monday morning
Thanks again

You are very welcome

So since I am in Santo Domingo can I use the same company? I want to purchase things online and send some things to the US. I am stuck lol

Yes there are several in SD.  CPS there is awesome.   Sending things to the US is more expensive sometimes, check the pricing.

CPS? Ok, I will look into to it now online. Thank you very much :)

You are very welcome!

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