American and Ethiopian thinking about living in Mexico

I've tried to research this topic on my own, but I've hit a wall. I'm an American man, and I'm hoping to marry an Ethiopian lady. I don't make enough to have her come over on a fiance visa. Originally, she wanted me to migrate to Ethiopia, but with the problems there we decided to look at living in a third country. She has a post-polio physical disability, so we were looking for a city with reasonable disability access. Also, the city should have a decent-sized population of people who could speak English. Her Spanish is nonexistent, and mine is currently basic. (I'm open to suggestions!)
Initially, I thought about Cancun. It is becoming more disabled-friendly, I've been reading. There are some nice places I can afford to rent, and so on.
But the snag comes when trying to get my Ethiopian ladyfriend a visa to Mexico. The Mexican embassy in Addis Ababa is reluctant to give visas to regular, non-wealthy Ethiopians. I'm wondering, if I bring her to the US first and marry her (she would still be an Ethiopian citizen, of course), would it be easier to get her a Mexican visa here?
And then, would it be possible to just renew the FMM for me and her every 6 months? Even with her Ethiopian passport?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

I was waiting to see if anyone else had any useful information.

How are you going to get your lady friend into the US?  Tourist Visa?

This page may help. … ed_States/

gudgrief, thanks for the link.  I had looked at it, but it wasn't very specific. 
It looks like I'll have to try to improve my financial situation, in order to get my lady here on a US fiance visa.  I was hoping for a quicker way of solving this problem, but the US is a much better place for a physically disabled person than is Mexico.  Looks like more time and money is called for.

I am afraid that may be your only route.

Is there any possibility you can use her disability to get a preference from US immigration?
It's probably a longshot.  Have you looked into it?

It would only help for the visitation requirement of the fiancé visa.  If she were too disabled to travel, I could bypass that part of it.  But otherwise, all the same rules apply.

First you need to inquire to the mexican consulate in your area about what are the requirements for an ethyopian to enter mexico, on tourism or whatever.... And make sure to search online as well.. Call as well your canadian consulate in ethiopia. Always make sure to ask same question again and again
Try the country of belize as well, just 5 hours south of cancun.. Different laws ..

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