Work... I am new

Hello guys, i am new here in France. I am living with my husband here in clichy.
I am a nursing graduate, i am also a freelance makeup artist in the phil. I am looking for a job. Or any agency you know to help me get a work.
Thank you.

Please search/drop an ad in the JOBS section, you'll have better chances there than the forum.

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi! Have you tried Pole Emploi?

Hello bienvenue en france .if you like to find a job you need to have a. Drivers licence and car in france.speak french also is important.if you have all you can search in pole emploi

The first thing you do is to see the OFI, they will give you french lesson for free . once you know how to speak the language you can find a job by yourself or see the Pole Emploi. Hope this helps😊

Have tried an application called job today or even fusac

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