Where is it safe to buy a property not far from the Coast?

hello please could people send me some sugestions of where would be great to buy a property in portugal we have donw lots of research but would be great to hear from expats living there we aare a family of 3 with a little boy of 6 we know we want to be in a safe large village or small town/city wewould like to be about an hour away from the coast and have some expats around to help us settle in

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While waiting for members to revert back, I suggest you to browse through threads talking about accommodation here : Find an accommodation in Portugal

The Living in Portugal Guide can be helpful too.


I think fatima is a good place

Regarding places where to buy property i know of a 10Ha Farm in Arraiolos-Alentejo wgich is one hour drive from Lisbon. It is a very beautiful, quite, and safe place to live. People is very friendly and Alentejo region is one of the finest places in Portugal. If you look for a smaller property with a hous to rebuilt you must look in Arganil area. There are several available and a lot of foreigner residents there. English, Dutch, Belgium and so on. They help each other.
Here is the link to the farm in Alentejo:

Depending on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend, i must say this farm is at a very good and affordable price. Eight years ago it´s value was 200.000 and it is being sold for half its real value.

If you want i can advise a reliable real estate agency in Arganil.
You can forward me an e-mail if you wish as follow: xxx
Pito Pitacas

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Since you referd the coast to be as close as possible, the refered farm in Arraiolos is half an hour drive to Setubal town, where you find the best fresh fish available in Portugal, good wines and good restaurants, not expensive i must say and by the way wonderful beaches. On the other side of the river you have the well know Troia resort.
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Pito Pitacas

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Pito Pitacas

I know this is going to sound boring but, can I suggest you consider renting for a while?  Property in Portugal (outside Lisbon) is very easy to buy and looks very cheap. However it is very difficult to sell again. Houses do not shoot up in value, so its quite safe to take your time and rent for a while.

A lot of successful Expat residents in Portugal exist on the rent from their home country property which is worth twice as much in the shops here.

You have a child, so I suggest your overriding concern is going to be schooling, not access to the coast. To be honest, few parts of Portugal are very far from the coast and some of the best water experiences are the river beaches and the barragems (reservoir lakes).

I have friends with kids in Tomar who recently became keen on moving back to the UK. However having looked at housing costs and the quality of schooling, they rapidly reverted to living in Portugal long term.

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By all means RENT FOR AT LEAST A YEAR, before you make a big guying decision! It is definitely very difficult to resell propertty. If you purchase na older property, it could cost a bundle to get the house in shape. Think before you buy, and look and look very carefully. I've been living here for 10 years, so I know a lot about Portugal.

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Hi yes I can help you find the rite place.
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Hi have you tried looking in Madeira island!
We have plenty of expatriates around here!
Try Calheta it's near the yellow sand beach plus natural parks.
If you are looking for a place to build your own home maybe I could help you.

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