ADVETI Dec 2015 London interviews

Is anyone still waiting for the contract !????

Saifai and Habiba

Did you receive your contracts yet?

Yes I have

Hi Everyone. An update. My recruiter encouraged me to contact the MOE/ADVETI HR department and I did. I was assured that the visas are in process (for those to join in March - not August) and could be issued any day..."inshallah" this week. Also, if you have been assigned a school, it is not likely to change. It is assigned in advance by MOE, so for me it will not change. My friend that is using another recruiter and will go in August - has not even received the contract yet, so I think those that don't have contracts but do have the initial offer can hold tight. I think MOE/ADVETI is hard working on the people that will join in March. Hope this helps!

Great, do you know where you are going? I have been told Northern Emirates, but nowhere specific.

Does anybody know any more information regarding our medical cover? Are we issued a card? Do we have to pay upfront? Is dental worked covered? Is there an excess to pay?

It doesn't state location
I don't the answers to the rest of your questions


Hi is anyone still waiting for a visa? Does anyone know the visa process and how long it can take ?

Salaam Peace and Hi,

I'm hoping for an interview with Adveti in December in shaa Allah for a maths position, can anyone give tips and advice, esp with regard to

1) the written test, does it include AS or A2 Level questions?
2) how desparate are they for Native English Speaking Maths teachers?
3) As a Maths teacher, would they expect you to move between schools, as with the teacher trainers?

Any help/advice would be grately appreciated


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