Currently ISKL vs MKIS -Need guidance on chosing a better school


Comparision of MKIS vs ISKL purely on academic and facilites ground leaving aside locational issues

I know this topic has been discussed multiple times but request some fresh inputs may be even from teachers incognito to give an honest answer to my question.  My brothers family will be moving to KL soon and they have two daughters going to Year 6 and year 3 and they would like to select a better school between ISKL and MKIS based on academics and overall school programme, quality of teachers is important.

Pls share your views on the current scenario on which is a better school experience wise. May be current parents from ISKL and MKIS can pitch in with their answerrs

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Contextually speaking, ISKL has better reputation than MKIS in terms of academic standing. That's because ISKL has better experience in the International School arena than MKIS. But, they are both strong schools and tough contenders to each other.

Now, if I may speak based on my personal experience. I had withdrawn my kids from both schools. I know, it is perplexing. but I have a good reason to do so. These big schools lack in the one thing that they promise to deliver, individualized attention. I think for the money that we, the parents are paying, these schools should be super personalized. But the reality is a stark contrast. As a matter of fact, this is true to almost all 'big schools'. I had to hire private tutors to teach my kids as their grades were falling like God has no mercy.

Then, I met this tutor who is a doctor, Dr Faizul. He helped my children to get up to speed and score in the top ranks. My friends benefited from this guy as well, and so we decided to pull our kids out and enroll them into Dr Faizul's Smart School. It is a small individualized program with a good number of students.

So, to answer your question, I think ISKL is better than MKIS. But then, I lost hope in all these "International schools". Let me know if you need to contact Dr Faizul. I'll PM his details, should you need them.

This is the FB site

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Since you are a satisfied parent, can you please recommend the school you mentioned in the Education in Malaysia section of the business directory.

Just in case, here is the direct link :

It will be much appreciated and interested members will be able to find the contact details easily.

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Sure. No worries.

Hi both are excellent choices if you can afford them. Both are "American" style schools

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