Living in gatineau versus montreal ?

Please tell me your experience living in Gatineau and Montreal . I am undecided where to settle first your help is appreciated

Gatineau is next to Ottawa which is the federal capital of Canada. Montreal is the business hub of the province of Quebec.

So the former would have the same feel as living in a capital city whilst Montreal is a more artsy and cultural centered city.


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It is better for you in Gatineau to look for jobs with a good salary because in Montreal the competition for jobs is fierce.

I'v lived many years in Montreal, but none in Gatineau, however I have visited Ottawa (right next to Gatineau, literally) many times.

My vote is for Gatineau, for jobs, and for quality of living. ie-Daycare is much cheaper. Gatineau is smaller, easier to get around, close to the capital of Canada.

Montreal is a great city to live in too but it's a lot larger, rents are more, and is not as friendly. (but still friendly by world standards). Montreal is better though for shopping and there are more bars and restaurants. It's very impersonal though. Depends on what youre looking for.

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