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Ok can you advise...
Is 80,000 MUR sufficient to comfortably support a house hold of 2x adults and 1x child?
Will this cover house rental in flic en flat, private schooling, car, groceries and medical insurance?

Thank you

I would highly doubt it.

.rs80,000 will be rs68,000 after tax.

Rentals in flic en flac are in the rs25,000 to rs40,000 range..

A car will cost you around 12-15,000 per month to rent if you don't buy one..

Not sure what level of private schooling you're referring to but Tiny Tots for my two children aged 4 and 2 cost rs14,000 per month combined..

Again, if you're in the west, a weekly shop at monoprix, shop rite etc will be at least Rs2,000+ unless you go to markets..

I think you get the idea...

Thank you
However if we took the 80,000 MUR as after tax, does this make thinks more affordable?

It can work all depending on your way of life and standards of living...

Rent can be high in FenF

Depending on the type of car you will be driving, it will bite quite a chunk from your paycheck.

Dunno if your company will be providing healthcare or you might have to get an insurance plan...

As Gronk said...private schooling can be quite high...

Daily upkeep, groceries and household items will cover a substantial part of your can try to keep it to a minimum by living like an average local...or not.

Provide for sports and leisure...

Also watch out for hidden expenses and also as an expat, you will pay more than locals for some goods and services...

hi are you in Mauritius

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hi are you in Mauritius

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