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I need a suggestion here. I am planning to import by car from USA to Riyadh and would like to know the process.
Is there any specification issue when importing a USA car?
After reading several blog, I understand that the car has to be 5 years old only but how much tax do I have to pay at the custom?
Is it recommnded to import a used car from USA?
Please advise


I don't think you can import a car older than 5 years....Not sure about the rest of the costs and formalities involved...

Tax is about 5% the present value of the car, shipping costs anywhere from $1500-2500 all the way to the port of entry.

check specifications of Radiator...  the Radiator should be double...  normal USA specs is singel which cannot hold much water in it and also not enough for saudi summar hot....

rest not know

Bro I would suggest you if u planning to get a used car get it from Uae it's very easy and cheap than importing from us.

Recently they have added a very environmental friendly clause for importing of vehicles in addition to the previous requirements. The minimum fuel consumption of sedan shall be 10.3kms/litre and for SUV's pickups and light trucks shall be 9.0kms/litre.


why import? car prices in saudi are more cheaper than US.


only cars that are not older than 5 years are allowed, or older than 30 years to be categorized as CLASSIC car. i will provide you with the official websites of what you need to know :

good luck

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