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Hola, soy Sonia y actualmente vivo en Doha con mi familia. Tengo dos hijos, de 5 años y de 1 año.
Nos han ofrecido un trabajo en Tangerang y queria preguntaros; Que tal la vida en Jakarta? Es un sitio recomendable con niños pequeños? He leido algo sobre la vida alli y me asusta enfermedades como dengue u otras que puedan coger mis hijos. Gracias !

Hi, I'm Sonia and currently living in Doha with my family. I have two children, 5 and 1 year.
We have been offered a job in Tangerang and wanted to ask; That's life in Jakarta? It is a recommended with small children? I read something about life there and it scares me as dengue and other diseases that could take my children. Thank you !

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That repeated (Cheers, Stumpy), the OP makes interesting points, but some are a tad paranoid.
Tangerang is close to Jakarta, but not part of it. That means traffic is less of an issue (But still very busy), and living costs are far lower (In general)

The area is safe for all, including young children, and there are many top quality English language schools in the area, both single and multi religion.

Loads of shopping malls in the area.

Diseases such as dengue exist, but your chances of catching something is remote, especially if you use anti mosquito creams at night (I like Autan, but there are many brands available)

Most important - Make sure your employer gets the paperwork right.
You must have an IMTA (Work permit) and KITAS (Immigration document).

Thanks a lot Fred!

You're very welcome :)

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