Hello  i looking for 100 young rabbits 6 or 8 weeks old new zeeland or flamisch rabbits.In Velika tarnovo.Thanks for your help.

Hi. You might have more luck on the Bulgarian forum.

Hello > it is in the Bulgaria forum now :)

Hello Bart,

you will most probably not find the rabbits you are looking for here, as you need a more specialed place to search for. There are rabbit farms in many places in Bulgaria and to get large quantity and good prices, you may need to travel a little. Good places to ask(but only in bulgarian sorry) are the forums. You can also search directly for offers in the platform(here is a direct search link for the whole country: … ption%5D=1 and you can localize if for Veliko Tyrnovo ), as many small farmers post their ads there. You may find also  cages and other stuff you need from some of them. I was thinking about starting similar business some time ago, so I have done some research them and will be happy to answer any questions you have, if I can of course.

Good luck!

Thanks for your information sorry for my late replay.It was very interesting thanks a lot.

Hello Ventom i have some questions do you know some firm where i can sell rabbit meat or the live rabbits.I was hearing in the slaughteringhouses in Stara Zagora but they dont do it they have his on production.I have not starting whit the rabbits probley in augustus i first  had to know  where a i can sell the rabbits.The plan was to start in januari  but the person who works whitt me,know there is some firm they buyd the rabbits but he dont want to give the adres of the firm so i dont trust it and stopt whitt this project. Now i starting  again but first i must find a firm .
Thanks for your answer.

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