Looking for Good Tennis player at Olympic Stadium

Hi , looking for some tennis players for social tennis at Olympic stadium , to join a couple of us on Saturday  mornings from 6 am to 7.30 am .

not looking for beginners or learners , but players we can have a good hit with , usually a couple of sets . the cost per game around 3 $ per person.

The courts are concrete , but okay to play on  .  A nice way to keep fit and meet new people , western and Khmer.    Thanks

Hi tennislover,

I invite you to post an ad in the Sport partners in Phnom Penh in Classifieds section.

Thank you,
Naomi. :)

Hi will in PP for 3 months , feb, march, april , please let me know if u want a decent tennis player for these months ! Merry Christmas Paul

Hi Paul , yes would be great if you could join us for tennis , we are also quite good players , (not aaa standard  , but also not hackers or beginners ) and love playing . Keep in touch , and let us know when you would like to play , and we can talk about times , etc   .. will give you my phone number closer to the time you arrive . We sometimes have 5 players , sometimes 3 , depending whos available on the day .
Merry Xmas     DES

Hi! I am a Malaysian expat going to work in Phnom Penh soon. I used to play tennis 3 times a week (singles and doubles). I wish to play tennis frequently in Phnom Penh, from 1st Jan 2016 onwards. How do I contact you guys?

Hi , Would  be great if you could join us , We always play Saturday mornings starting 6 am , and some other mornings as well , such  as  public holidays .We use the courts at Olympic Stadium , they are concrete  courts , a bit rough but quite playable when one gets used to them , There are 8 courts at the stadium , the newer red paved court is always heavily booked with regular players . There are 5 of us guys ,   some times only 2 of us , depending on availability , and in that case we hire a coach to hit with us for  a hour or so . the coach usually charges 5 dollars a hour . The cost of of hiring the court for a few hours is usually 3 dollars per person , or 15 dollars per month. It seems that one can not post  email or phone numbers on this forum . Let us know if you would like to join us  for a hit ,and when you will be available . We can go from there ..... Thanks   DES

Other choices are Cambodiana Hotel at Riverfront . an economical choice is 5o us a month that includes a nice gym , great tennis courts( that are easy on the body joints ,) Saunas , and pool . so playing tennis regularily makes it quite economical !

I can join from 1st Jan 2016 onwards. I will give you my contact details via private message.

Ok ,thanks ,,,looking forward to playing ...des

Hi cbng97 , thanks for your message re tennis , i sent you a reply email yesterday , did you get it ?
Thanks DES

Hi Des,

Yes, I received your email. Looking forward to playing tennis with you guys. See you soon.

Thanks ,see you soon

is it still going on ? I was 15/2 before (french ranking) and would love to hit the ball with different people, cheers

I hope so i will be there feb 1 and want to play some tennis!

Hi ,
yes we still play tennis , Saturday mornings , at 6am for approx 2 hours  you are welcome to come and join us , and see how you like it . We play at the northern end of the Olympic Stadium, on the concrete court , next to the red tennis courts .

thanks for your reply, will try to be free for this saturday, many thanks

Ok , many thanks ....


Hi Wimbledon ,we will be at tennis this Saturday morning at 6am ,at Olympic Stadium courts ,the courts are located beside the red paved tennis courts,you are welcome to join if available...

Thanks will do my best . where are they in relation to south , east , west , as i have never been to Olympic stadium

Hi Wimbleton , the courts are located at the northern end on the eastern side , there are 4 courts there in that section , 2 red coloured courts ,and 2 green/blue  coloured courts , beside them .. we are on the blue green courts . there are two main entrances to the stadium , one on Sihanouk boulevard opposite the pagoda ,and the other entrance beside City mall on Monireth(217) street .

Hi there,

I am a Singaporean living in Phnom Penh (since 2013). Been playing tennis for the past 25 years. Am 40 years old this year. Was playing regularly again with a Brit national, but he's headed back to England soon. Would love to continue playing. Please kindly contact me ***. Thank you.

Kevin Tang

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Hi , I did send you a private reply with my phone number , last week , are you still interested in joining our group ? regards    DES

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