Looking for a pre-school in El Rehab city for August 2016


My family will be relocating to El Rehab city in August 2016. We are looking for pre-schools for our daughter who will be 2 years-old then. Can anyone please give some good recommendations?

We will have to drop her off at 7:30 because of our work and cannot pick her up before 4:00-4:30. The main language has to be English and if French is offered, that would be great. We would also like to know the average monthly fees, to have a rough idea and plan accordingly.

Many thanks in advance!!

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There is a school in Rehab (or more than one). Look my recommendation because it will be the best way, is to go once to this school and ask any parent who will be there. No one can be more helpful than an experienced parent who is located in the same area...this will help you a lot! And also you can google the schools in new Cairo you can find a lot. Sorry if my post is not that helpful but I was try to help :)

Hi I had my son in Red Balloon Nursery in Rehab 2 for over a year- he loved it!  Can't recommend it enough

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