Looking for someone to go drink with

Hi guys. im an english teacher in saigon. my work always finish at 9pm. Its hard to find a friend to hang out at that time. Im looking for someone who works same schedule like mine or still could hangout late to have few drinks with me affter a stressful day. feel free to send me msg or just cmt in here. THank you guys.

Don't you have holidays? :/  Too bad.

I'm in Saigon too, but i'm trying to study english. I also want to have a friend to hang out

In which area do you live?

What district?

Hi bro!

Saying what area you live may open up more chances for you.


I am an expat like yourself and would like similar company like you to hang out with, feel free to contact me...............Thanks..............Des

Why not simply go out on your own to the many pubs or restaurants, and then make/meet friends there ? Pasteur Street has dozens of small (mostly expat) pubs, and of course hotels offer slightly higher-end (budget-wise) bars. Coffee shops also offer a lot of socializing with both the local and expat communities ...

Hi, I live in Hanoi, can i ?

Gianghn :

Hi, I live in Hanoi, can i ?

Yes, you can.

Im Tam ,

Im a teacher, too

it's nice to make friend with you.

and i'm looking for an english teacher for my group.

please, contact me : **

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In Ha Noi ?

Hey, american here, in hcmc. Looking for local who speaks English to hang around and learn mannerism and Vietnamese from.

Hi, how long have you been here? I'm local person, I want to hang out with foreigner to explore new culture.

I came here 2 years ago for 1 month. This time will stay for 3 months. I rented an apartment in d7.

It's so nice, if you are free, we can make an appointment soon.

If you come to Hanoi, let me know to drink though it is late....l
Regards !


im in HCM city. where can we meet ?

when do you free?

Gday ole mate,
Am I reading this this correctly, you can't find anyone to drink with??

Seems odd....usually the place is crawling alive with full blown screaming alcoholics.    Don't worry , by 9pm some of those blokes are just getting warmed up.

Yogi's not much of a drinker , but he does like playing hopscotch dodging the puddles of vomit those guys leave on the footpaths as they find their way home.

Seem like lots of people looking to drink. Let me know if you guys around d7. Don't wanna go all the way to airport district for a few drinks...

Hey, I will be in Hanoi, Vietnam for a few weeks so if anyone is keen to meet and show me around that would be awesome :)

Pls contact me , i would like hang around with locals who can speak some English

That would be nice, contact me, would love to grab some drinks and chill

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