Business in Plovdiv?

I am setting up an offshore office for our company, we'll be based in Plovdiv and would love to hear from anyone else with an office or business in Plovdiv!

Hi greenvalley123,

Do you have some specific questions?
Would you like to know if Plodiv is a strategic area to set up your new business?



Hi Priscilla,

No thanks, we're already well progressed and are interviewing currently, just would like to make contact with "anyone else with an office or business in Plovdiv"

Hi there,

I have a business related to Plovdiv - some of my clients are from that city, although my office is in Sofia.
Anyway I think I can help with information and/or advice.


Hi Kristiann,
Thanks, I have a number of friends with businesses in Bulgaria, just would like to make contact with "anyone else with an office or business in Plovdiv"

i have  my  office in plovdiv  , may i help you ?  regards

hi, I have an office in the center center if you'd like to have coffee sometime.

when i will came in Plovdiv i will inform you  REGARDS

Hi Lawrence,

Thank you, it would be great to grab a coffee. I am in Plovidv now and have a meeting at 3pm so could meet you at the Roman Ampitheatre for 4:30pm if good with you? I am leaving tonight for Sofia, otherwise could meet again as I'll be back in 1 or 2 weeks?

Ok thanks. I am off to Sofia tonight, but back in 1 or 2 weeks, then next over for a week at the end of January. Hope to meet you sometime when you're here!

hi, sorry, I just saw this message. I have a client meeting this afternoon or I would have coffee with you for sure. Send me your contact info?

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Thanks Lawrence - just emailed you :-)

Hi, would like to start a business in Plovdiv? How to proceed? Anyone can help ?

It depends on your business idea, but generally:

1. Visit the city
2. Register a company
3. Open a bank account
4. Hire an office
5. Hire employees
6. Start working

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