Where can I receive motorbike lessons in HCMC?

Hi my name is Matthew and I have been in Saigon for about a month.

Is there any business in HCMC that offers motorbike lessons? Anything at all?

I rented a automatic scooter, but I want to learn to ride a manual bike. I have read there is semi-automatic where there are gears, but no clutch. This is what I would like to try first.

Do any of the bike rental businesses offer any kind of lessons?



Not sure about that . Riding a manual is a cinch . Practice makes perfect . I learnt to ride in the traffic by just throwing myself in it . Now it's a piece of cake , just remain forever vigilant , and grow some eyes in the back of your head

Where is the place that conduct motor riding lesson in HCMC ?
I am interested but I do not have a valid licence.

Hi there,

I'm happy to give anyone some lessons and pointers. Please send me a message via here. I live in Phu Nhuan District but travel around the city a fair bit. I've been riding motorbikes for 14 years and riding Vietnam's roads for the last 2.5years.

Hope to hear from you,


Hi Mark,

My name is Sana and I live in central District 1. I would love some pointers on riding a motorbike. I tried today and I had quite a tough time getting balanced. I want to learn really bad so please let me know if you might be able to help me out. Thanks!



Anyone needs help for practicing riding motorbike just come to me. Will show u how to ride.



What are your credentials? Do you normally teach people how to ride motorbikes?


Nope, just wanna help.

I feel the same! I ride my bike but feel unbalanced and I am terrified of the roads. Any help will be much appreciated :)

note you need a valid licence in Vietnam to be covered by any insurance you have here. so if you ride a manual or semi auto your license needs to have that category on license is only for automatics so I can only ride those :)

The first thing you must learn about riding in Viet Nam is rule one.

Rule one: there are no rules.

well there are rules but no one follows them :) you really need to be careful especially with red and green lights as some people like to run them without looking (the assumption of the rule breaker is you need to look out for me as they speed through the light looking straight ahead). also turning into a side steet people like to overtake you on both sides so look over your shoulder on the side you are turning into before making the turn else you can get swiped by a truck or something.

Uhm, that was my point, you must of missed it.

Hello, we have rules. It just takes time to understand those "rules". Lol

There are no rules you just need to use common sense and ride defensively. Big cars/trucks win every time. Stay away from taxis, delivery vehicles, and buses. Avoid riding at night since they let those idiots construction truck drivers out on the road. Assume everyone on the road are complete morons just for your own safety. This is HCMC you will get to your destination regardless  of how fast you ride due to the crazy traffic. I've seen way too many crotch-rockets riding like maniacs only to pass a few cars ahead of me.

yes there is nothing to gain from going fast...the faster you go the longer and harder it is to stop or avoid.

there are genuine rules, for example in HCMC you are allowed to right right into a red light whereas in Nha Trang you are not.

In Vietnam you cannot turn right on a red light unless they have a singnal that allows you to do it. This rule is revised couple years ago, before that turning right on red is allowed for motorbike. Maybe some people here didn't get updated yet.

For more info, you can read as below … motorcycle

ah ok thanks, so maybe the policman that pulled me over and demanded 300,000 vnd was right after all :)

People don't even stop at red light . What makes you think they are going to stop at a red and wait for the light to turn green before turning right? Anyways, it's dumb to forbid turning right at a red light. Vietnam has many dumb laws and that is one of them. Also, it's time for them to get with 2016 and install traffic lights with sensors or timers. It's ridiculous to see traffic cops manually switching lights at intersections.

#Hypothalamus, I just share you and foreigner friends the rule here. It's your right to follow the rule to avoid unexpected troubles in a foreign country or follow the crowd which is sometimes very misleading. When you go to a new and unfamiliar places you better follow their rules for your safety. Good luck.

Are there any places that sell three wheeled motorcycles??  I have seen a few on the roads, that would take care of the balance problems a few people have reported wouldn't it - I have seen some really nice Honda conversions to three wheels.  Anyone know where they sell them??

Hi, I found Honda Lead 3 wheels advertised.
Contacts: HCM - 0129.233.3555
                  Hanoi - 0123.888.0123

For images: … 83965.html

You actually can visit few Honda showrooms for more info.Best luck.

awesome bike but parking could be an issue :)

Double charged probably lol  just joking.

Honda is very thoughtful isn't it that found very niche demand

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