Life in Majmaah

I came to Majmaah,Saudi Arabia on 16th Aug 2015 with lot of apprehensions about the life in Saudi. Initially my employer gave me 3 days hotel accomodation for searching a house.I got the house for SAR12000 per annum near Pakistan hotel. So far I have never encountered any religious police.However for precaution I carry always Iqama. I got  my Iqama with in 15  days after medical check up.Medical examinations are Blood and X-Ray only.
    I am pure vegetarian so thought difficult to survive here but all my doubts are vanished with in one week. All fruits and vegetables are available in Panda super market and Al Raya super market.All Indian food items are available in near by Kerala backalas(Shops). Now it seems to be ok. Cost of living for month is SAR800 per month.

I really appreciate your post. Since you live over there, if possible would you please tell me about the housing situation over there. We live in USA and my husband is going to join gas a professor in Al Majmaah university. The university has housing. They offered us either we can take 25000 R per year for housing or we can take the university housing. I have two small boys and we want to live in a decent and clean 3 bedroom house. What is your opinion: should we take the university housing instead of money or should we take the money and we can find out a nice house which will cost less money. I would really appreciate your reply.

It's better and secured to have inside university housing.
Also what age ur kids for schooling

Dear brother, thank you very much for your reply. My kids are 6 yrs and 7 yrs old. I don't think they any other international school other than the Indian one. And so far I know that school is no good. But anyway, we have to accept that. Again thanks s lot.

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