interested in Paraguay, what is this restricted list ?

hi , iam interested in moving to Latin america and i found this informations about Paraguay .
iam syrian .
i think there is so much scams and misinformation around so i come here .
so what is this restricted list and what it mean ? i found that the requirement is 5k usd as a deposit and that syria is on that list , do i have more requirements or barriers to get the visa or residency ? what to expect as a syrian ?

hI Ayham,
Two months ago Paraguay allowed 16 refugees from Syria to get a Visa, thats it ! I don't think they want Muslims, Syrians etc in, so there is a list,
maybe its an idea to change your religion to Roman Catholic and promote that in your application,

hi arnoldus,

i know its an old thread but i just found your post now,

i am not a refugee, i live in a save area in Syria, and also i am not Muslim but not Roman Catholic too ( do they ask about your religion in your application ? )
i am interested in immigrating to Latin america and looking around for any opportunity, interested in Paraguay because its cheaper.
I have changed my plans as i am not moving anytime soon. i will wait for at least a year.

so Paraguay allowed 16 Syrian refugees in two months, please tell me more about that.

Hello Ayam,
I don't think they are happy with the 'refugees' on fals passports you mentioned ,
Its not a very strong argument to get into Paraguay cause ists cheap, and there is in general NO  work here, you must prove that you have an income [ pension etc] or work on contract for a foreign company
What not helps either is that you are from  Syria.
good luck

thank you arnoldus.

but i don't understand what you mean with " 'refugees' on fals passports " ??

Hello Ayam,
they came in Asuncion with false Greek passports,passports were spotted ,they came by plane,  had  cash on them, age between 25 - 35 years, no kids, [ refugees ?]Didn't you red it ? it was on the Paraguyan newspapers,
maybe my situation is a good example for you; I work trough internet for advertising companies, pay no taxes for that income in Paraguay, besides that I work for Paraguay government, allso no taxes, when you get a job here [ IF you can get a job its 10 % tax-rate] do you speak Spanish ? regards Arnold

Just dont decide based on tax policies as far as your expat destination is.

getting paper is relevant.
Speaking the language is decisive.
Getting satisfaction as to per your expat destination is mandatory !

Based on a "past atractive residency status" the country atracted an impressive mix of foreigners. The only ones who stayed in place after 5 years time after arrivals, are retireed witheuro income.
Very few entrepeneur stay in place on the long run.
unless you think its better that your situation, gather more information to make a decision.
Tax burden may seem interesting, but the "services" provided by the state are in conformity with that.
If you find the time to browse for the spanish section using google translator, many spanish make an real and fair apreciation of the place, covering the " cheap " dimension.

Beware dude.


Good advice.  If I might only add a little of my own experience in only three years living abroad and a total of five years preparing and researching before I did..... much of LatAm is approximately the same range of living and tax experience and my simplistic explanation to others that in LatAm economic life is about 1/4 of that in North America for instance meaning that a quality life that would cost $50,000 USD in North America can be equaled in in LatAm for 1/4 of that like $12,500 USD local equivalent.   What is different in my experience is that it is easier to 'get by' in LatAm that North America.   I mention this because the tax burden in every way is less than North America when you calculate all taxes not just income taxes.  North America has become a big tax-slave state and nothing work to get by and the rest goes to the many many taxes in the day to day life in North America.   That is not the case in my experience in LatAm.   

My best example is the concept of simply buying a meal from a vendor in the street or a small cafe.   The odds are that when you buy a small meal or a quick bite in LatAm there is little to no tax on that meal added to the price.  When you take a taxi same comparison.  When you pay your Internet or phone bill etc.  In the USA everything effin thing is taxed at least once and many things have multiple taxes added to the price quoted.     This makes life for those on the low end of the income spectrum pay an inordinately high tax rate when all are added on.....and there is NO WAY to avoid it.    LatAm less the case.  IMHO

On the income spectrum....the % is somewhat the same.  A business that would generate $100,000 USD in sales in North America will probably only generate $25,000 USD in local equivalent.  So it's important to understand there is not magic in LatAm but I do find if you can adapt to a simpler life and take advantage of  the options that exist in LatAm you can have a better quality of life than North America on a month to month basis.

But sincerely this is just my opinion and my experience in owning a small business in Colombia for several years.   My point of sharing is to understand this and come to terms with it before one leaves to move to LatAm the first time thinking in the old mindset.

Lastly, let me say again this is just simplistic commentary and does not apply to every city like Rio or Bogota or Ciudad de Panama or San Jose  etc. as the big cities can be more like North America than I like to think about.  The saddest part is how the USA exports it's poor monetary policy and inflation onto the backs of LatAm because of their proximity/trade with the USA and required use of the USD for most international trade.   When I first starting visiting LatAm 30 years ago this was not the case.  Now the USD is a big problem for LatAm.

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