What is the scope of jobs in New Zealand for a GCC experienced expat?

Hi All,
I am Ahmed from Pakistan and working in Dubai, UAE, have been in GCC from 17 years. I have 16 years experience of computer networking, System Admin, CCTV and Bio matrix access control installation and configuration etc.  But unfortunate is I don’t have such academic degree only SSC and professional courses. 
I want to move to New Zealand with or without family, as I Have one kid 7 years old. Please guide me.  Thanks


First thing is to see if you qualify for a visa. Go online, find the NZ immigration website and check it out.

Ahmad Bhai,search for a New Zealand licensed Immigration Adviser, some of them offer FREE assessment check if you can qualify,Good Luck.   

Nishat bahi i need to talk to you regarding bahrian  with respect of living please send me ur number

As your education qualification is very low, need to check with your spouse qualification also. It would be very difficult to get 140 cut off without enough qualification. Your experience is not related to your education, then experience also is not valid. There is some table in immigration website which tells about this.
In NZ, there is no consideration for GCC experience, here NZ experience only counts.

Best of luck.

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