I really want to live in Haiti but look different

Hi everyone I know this may be off topic a little, and honestly, I'm not trying to sound racist, because I'm not at all, but just troubled.
I would love to live in Haiti. I think it is a beautiful country, and I have seen more to it than the media shows.
However, I am white and I absolutely hate looking different from everyone else. I know if I moved to Haiti, I would be the only white face surrounded by a sea of black. I bet I would be treated very badly. So, I love Haiti more than anything in the world, but because of my skin colour I think it impossible.
Now this is not meant to offend anyone. And I would be overjoyed if Haitians accepted me into their society.
I would not act like a foreigner or better than them, quite the opposite.
I just don't know how to cope with this.
But any other info about Haiti I would appreciate.

I share your love of Haiti.  I have made several visits to Haiti, including right after the earthquake in 2010.  During these trips I have on occasion been the only caucasian (and a woman at that).  I stayed for two weeks with a Haitian pastor and his family.  Although it was odd being the only foreigner, I did not feel unwelcome.  The majority of the Haitians I met were welcoming (or indifferent) with only a couple of folks who were unkind.  I found that the issues related to living in a Third World nation were more distracting than being a foreigner.   Not knowing alot of Creole also hindered discussions but some Haitians are multi-lingual.

Please make sure you can adapt to being a foreigner in Haiti before making a permanent move.  Haiti IS NOT the United States. 

Always be aware of your surroundings, stay out of areas known for violence and embrace the differences that make living in Haiti an adventure.

Being white in Haiti should not be a problem
Don't think about your whiteness and act as you belong there. The number one rule of life is respect those around you and all will be alright.
Fear help no one.
A old quote I read by a real agent "no gut no glory"

Well, my own experience of Haiti was a long time ago - way back in Papa Doc's time - but I really don't expect the attitude of the native Haitians would have changed since then. I have blogged about my journey on the top of a bus from Cap Haitien to Port-au-Prince, the only white man on the bus and for many miles around. … haiti.html

The OP wants to live in Haiti, and living in a place is quite different from visiting. The main difference would be wealth, in such a desperately poor place as Haiti. But much depends on where you live in the country, and what you do there.

It is not 1804 in Haiti, where there is war between white and black
There may not be too much changes from papa doc days
Poverty everywhere is the same in the Chicago, Los Angeles, New York poverty still the same hunger still hunger,
You must be writing a book, because it seem to me you are fishing for information.
I you have the desire to go Haiti go.
Maybe you may have just enough money as some of the poor Haitian
If you are going there for exploiting than you should worry.
If you are going there to flash your wealth then you will have trouble
Good luck

We Haitian people, we are welcoming and not racist. we dont care about skin color. you are very welcome among us brother.

There a lot of caucasians in Haiti , you will fit in perfectly, Haiti is a very diverse country, the people are very friendly.  People won't stare at you funny because you are white. The people will treat you like royalty.

9 out of 10 Haitians will not even blink when they pass you.  The 1 out of 10 will say "Hey Blan (white)" in a playful way and if you respond playfully he/she will be very happy.  Never had a negative racial experience in Port-Au-Prince.  I can't speak for other places.

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