where to buy rugs in sofia region

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Hope there is someone out there who can help with the following.
We would like information on where we can buy rugs in the Sofia region. We live near Samokov so would be happy to drive for not more than 2 hours to get what we are looking for. We are looking for large wool rugs to cover the ceramic tiles in our lounge as they are a bit cold in winter. The only rugs at our local market seem to be in the beige range and are nylon. We are not very familiar with Sofia but have a sat nav so some information on the area would be very helpful.
I have heard there are large markets in Sofia that may sell rugs, does anyone know where these are and on what days they are open.
Hope you all have a good day on this beautiful crisp suuny morning.Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,,,i have no info for sofia region,,have you tried "Rugs Vista" website,,,bought 4 beutifull rugs from them,,,Hoping info helps,,Regards eddie


A good place is CarpetMax on the Ring Road - you can run straight up to the ring road from Samokov and turn left towards town, it's about 5km along on the right.  You can buy carpet and have it hemmed if you don't find anything in ready-made and would like to "create" a rug - that's what we tend to do.

They have a website and you CAN order on-line but may prefer to see what you're getting!  IKEA have a reasonable range of rugs also.

I know coming on the bus from Pleven on main highway on the right there was like a massive boot sale type
A quick scan there were allsorts from cars to bulldozers markets and so on Perhaps you look there

You can buy rugs and carpets from Praktiker, Balmax, M.Brikolaj
Pazar Ilientzi has absolutely everything you need to buy for your home. Another thing you can do I go to and put in the thing you are looking for !
I have people that know just about anything about the pazars and where to get what at a good price without emptying your wallet!

IKKEA is just outside Sofia, close to Simeonovo

Pazar Ilienci (outskirts of Sofia, after Svoboda) has the largest selection of rugs, at the best prices. You can also negotiate, but be sure you can recognize real wool from nylon/immitations unless you want to be ripped off.
Carpet max are a more western type shop, quite a bit more expensive but at least you know you're getting what you pay for. Personally I'm not happy with their service at all, I ordered some door knobs from there and it took them about a month to deliver, no apologies. Same (nylon) rugs I liked elsewhere they had for an extra 30% or so.

I hate rugs (woolen ones are expensive, flammable, can trigger allergies, nylon ones smell weird and feel cheap), so I prefer natural wooden floors everywhere except the corridor and the kitchen. Looks gorgeous and very warm.

I also prefer wood floors, but I would think that buying a few well-crafted carpets is much cheaper and less of a hassle than redoing all of your floors ;)

As for carpets, you might head up to the town of chiprovtsi. (It is about 2 hours north of Sofia, near Montana). It is a UNESCO historical site known for its carpet weaving and popular among collectors around the world- hand woven techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. The women weave, the men harvest and dye the wool for weaving.

You can purchase carpets at the visitor's center or from weavers around town- and you can often watch the weavers work. You can also order your own patterns there. Unfortunately, I don't know one specific shop to go to, but a few of my acquaintances have bought rugs from there and are quite happy with them.

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