Furnished Versus Unfurnished

Okay, so I've been told that furnishing an apartment is very expensive and drives up costs and that if I rent an empty apartment I would have to pay a number of monthly bills that are included in the rent of furnished apartments. Is it true that even for long term housing: six months to a year or more that furnished rentals are the way to go? I'm being shown furnished apartments in the range of $400 US dollars a month here in a southern section of DF. Don't know what a good deal is really. Would appreciate advice or opinions.

Usually any utilities are not included in the rent except water and sewer.  Electric, gas and phone/Internet are your responsibility.

Unfurnished often means you get absolutely nothing possibly including light bulbs.  Unless you want to buy a fridge and a bunch of furniture, furnished is the way to go and $400 sounds good if you like the place

Okay nice and simple. Thanks. Appreciate it!

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