Brazil Rousseff: Impeachment process opens against president

I'm glad I never learned to swim, yet I do have a life vest, for the water is warm and murky.
Brazil's Rousseff says impeachment aimed at corruption probe … html?nhp=1
enjoy if one has time as for me each day is a Challenge, the good part is I'm up for it.
what happens next, will the President return or will the charade continue I see lots of bodies living left in the wake. No this is not a Rant, just a observation.

The latest allegations that the new people are at least corrupt as the old ones... Will the CIA coup fail? … ent-corrup

That's it "Everybody Walk the Plank" now why did I write that (lol/kkk). I live in a wondering mode as it is easier. As I would love to be a fly on the wall for I don't think anyone has enough sense to take a swat or guts to take a swing. The turmoil of this whole process leaves no Hero's only something of a nightmare. It will take years to undo the damage of both administration's. I wonder after the shake out if there will be enough votes to impeach and if both are impeached then who shall lead for I am at odds of anyone who would want to inherit this mess other than the Military and that's a long shot for been there had that. I wonder if the disarray is designed to spoil the Olympics for who would want to come to a country with no President for no one's in charge of anything. There is no honor among? Insert What you like. I've watched 5-6 people of the current administration either resign, retire or be questioned about there shenanigans and this is not pretty as a matter of fact and the facts will be shown. This is Down Right Ugly. The Brazilian people are Beautiful and they do not deserve this Disloyalty. And yes it is a Rant. I wish I could say I'm speechless for I know this is like the commercial says "But Wait There's More". To be continued. .......... :dumbom:  :thanks:   :cool:

Now the OAS shows its true colours! Why would it be so blatant? Doesn't make sense. … -0029.html

It seems that the people are not in a revolt status as some other countries to have the OAS to react for the problems in the other country have been festering for years and someone is saying enough is enough. I hope it does not have to reach a state of violence and a body count,economic crisis, looting,starvation,military intervention,lack of utilities  water,sewer,power,unemployment,benefit cutbacks etc . For right now the world is thinking it will iron itself out for it is just a small wave with a wake, so maybe it needs to be a tsunami and then there will be some action. OAS and the UN are just about worthless for there inaction. I found this article today and it maybe is one of the reasons for OAS silence for the phat lady.👄 has not sang yet so let the show go on, what we need is a old vaudeville hook to pull the Bad Actor's off the stage (lol) :/
Could Brazil get its president back? … ident-back
it could happen, as of  now there's not enough people complaining for the sheeple are just being herded to graze.One day someone will get "Real"mad.

This seems a reasonably fair commentary on the background. Alascana, what do you think? Anybody else with an opinion? … wash-coup/

Brazilian only get real mad when the beer runs out  :sosad:  :sosad:

GD, I've read the article several times and it is fair reporting without mudslinging as it does have its finger on the pulse. Nothing wrong when it leaves one's mind to its own demise as I read from as many articles as I can find on any given day and extract facts as best I can and it is amazing how stories are written to he said,she said and we are left to accept or reject the article. As for me I reject the BS for facts for one can put Lipstick on a Pig and it's still a Pig. Now most involved are in a Pig pen and wallowing in there own? Insert What one likes. And Pete I agree with running out of beer. So I decided to home brew my own with a maybe 5.6 content for most I found in my stay was very weak yet it provided relief from the equatorial Heat for it is getting hot and people get uncomfortable when it's hot.

I wonder why the ru$h, maybe there will not be enough bodie$ left to impeach for if the impeachment $ucceed$  then all will be cleared of any wrong doing. Article is from M$M aka Main $tream Media. Looks like $omeone wants this Fa$tTracked into the Expre$$ Lane, if I don't laugh I will cry. Enjoy the short read and video if one has time for I know this $aga will be continued ...........$$$$$$$

Brazil acting president pushes for quick Rousseff impeachment … html?nhp=1
another snippet
Folha de S.Paulo - Internacional - En - Brazil - Crisis Faced by Temer Administration Weakens Impeachment - 02/06/2016 … ment.shtml

Will miracles never cease. I am dying up here laughing about this article. Talking about being totally out of control. I am laughing. How can someone banned from politics run a country. Something smells like raw sewage and it's not in the bay. Enjoy if you have time.
Credibility of Brazil’s Interim President Collapses as He Receives 8-Year Ban on Running for Office … n-running/

I wonder?
Is the US Behind the Brazilian Coup? - Original by -- … lian-coup/
if there's any truth behind this article.  Enjoy if one has time

Brazilian arrests could hinder impeachment process, important votesBy Jill Langlois - Wednesday, June 8, 2016     

Brazil's government is concerned that arrest warrants issued on Tuesday for the country's senate president, lower house speaker, a senator and former president could hinder not only important upcoming votes, but also the impeachment process against suspended president Dilma Rousseff (pictured).

The administration of interim president Michel Temer is particularly worried that the vote on its economic measures, which have already been sent to congress, could be delayed, according to business magazine IstoÉ Dinheiro,.

The report also noted that there will be a parliamentary recess in July, as well as a shift in focus to the Olympics and the elections in August.

While the government is concerned that the arrest warrants will affect Rousseff's impeachment process, it also said it was sure there would be enough votes to remove the suspended president permanently.

Despite its assurance, the administration is anxious about the fact that the attorney general seems to have his eye on the leaders of the PMDB, as their arrests could negatively affect Temer's image and put him at a disadvantage during the impeachment process.
Gets better every day,  all day, toda dia.

I think, a very tall wall should be built, around the Brazilian parliament, with very big gates, and the whole lot of the politicians, should all be locked up. Because the way their going, most of them will in Jail

Alascana :

... their arrests could negatively affect Temer's image and put him at a disadvantage during the impeachment process.

I would say so!

Gordon Barlow :
Alascana :

... their arrests could negatively affect Temer's image and put him at a disadvantage during the impeachment process.

I would say so!

GB, this is a MSM story for I refuse to label it a article, it has a lot of truth and talk about happenings in the US. I feel it is humorous and enlightening for it is all a game of wait and see how it all plays out. I hated to take the story from the source yet there is some truth on it, and some very believable points. As I said I read Everything the good,the bad and the ugly. Wait that's already been made into a movie!.
Enjoy if one has time for this is a doozy.
Look at Brazil, America and stop and think about the 2016 election | Fox News … ction.html
it's summation is on point.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch, is this a solution or just a ploy, as for me it is a way off the Ranch and I wonder who will be the Candidates this can be pretty or ugly.  Will it happen for it is a Peaceful possible Solution. Enjoy if interested and one has time.
Dilma Rousseff Calls for Brazil Referendum on Early Elections | News | teleSUR English … -0029.html
add this Game Changer :
Lula to Lead Street Protests in Brazil Against Temer Government | News | teleSUR English … -0015.html
Enjoy the weekend and to all Happy Valentines Day in Brazil  12/06/16 for the above articles are a Sweetheart Deal in the making.

Well with the lack of evidence, I'm not a lawyer yet it does not look good for the process and vengeance is a two way street! It's about to get real Ugly!
Senate Report Clears Rousseff of Budget Manipulation | News | teleSUR English … -0023.html
this not hearsay. Man o man I am waiting for the fall out.
thought I would add the latest and not the last bit of madness. How obvious can it get.
Brazil's Temer 'Buying' Support For Rousseff Impeachment | News | teleSUR English … -0020.html
wowzer. Ouch this is going to hurt!

I just wonder how this is going to help vindicate for its a shame to not have access to what is a right. Scary times.
Friends of Brazil's Rousseff launch crowdfunding effort … html?nhp=1
the process is nerve wracking.

This is getting good and ripe!
Rousseff Legal Team Argues Before Senate Impeachment Hearing | News | teleSUR English … -0009.html
I am wondering if there will be a verbal testimony?

Does Dilma have a chance to beat the charges that have been brought against her?

If Temer is "buying" votes against her, then probably not. We shall see! Stay tuned!

Will Miracles Cease, no revenge like a Scorned President. This is better than Golf?, maybe  or Wishful thinking.
Impeachment Effort May Fail in Brazilian Senate
Game Time, it's On.

Well it just keep on going, this is outta contol, what will happen next, for only the Shawdow knows./lol
Brazil: Senators Push to End Impeachment Against Rousseff | News | teleSUR English … -0006.html
just crazy.

Guilty by Association, stills come to mind,,

Waiting to see how this will play out, this is more intriguing than the Olympics.
Impeachment Effort May Fail in Brazilian Senate
looks like 36 against impeachment until there are promises made........ to be continued maybe?

Speaking of Mockery!
Yes It Was a Coup: Tribunal Rules on Brazil State of Democracy | News | teleSUR English … -0028.html
How can one mock the Truth? Today is twofer Thursday!
Brazilian Prosecutor Finds No Crime Committed By Dilma: Will The Law Count For Anything In Brazil?
If that lady.👄gets her job back, it'll be a Hot time in the Palace.

When will it all be resolved?
Brazil is in turmoil, an impeachment trial looms, and still, Dilma Rousseff laughs - LA Times … story.html
I'm waiting to see if someone Sings for when the singing starts the show is maybe over?

Will they speak up or just continue with the facade?
Enough US Silence on Brazil: Congress Urges Kerry to Speak Up | News | teleSUR English … -0024.html
somebody needs to throw "BRICS"
Its going to get crazier I am trying to decide on the Olympics or Politics.
enjoy if one has the time

All in vain?
Brazil’s Impeached President Dilma Rousseff Ponders Her Past — and Her Future … html?nhp=1
and maybe not?

Well it is not looking good!
Brazil impeachment trial closer to sealing Rousseff's fate | Reuters … SKCN10D297
will it end here or will it be a appeal?

Well this answers a question, only one!
Kerry's meeting with Brazilian official shows support for illegitimate government | TheHill … upport-for
Meanwhile Back @ the Ranch
Brazil Senate meets to indict suspended President Rousseff … html?nhp=1
Votes in Now to the Process! What a Whirlwind, man the Lifeboats there's swells ahead.

Well might as well bring out the grill and forks and libations for the cooking is over and the meal is just about ready or is cooked?
Brazil justice authorizes probe on Rousseff, TV says … html?nhp=1
Where do We go from here!
Crazy evert moment.

Well it looks like moving day will be happening soon. What a Krazy situation. Nothing will change as from the way I read.
Brazil court rejects Rousseff request to annul impeachment session … html?nhp=1
This does not look good for anyone? Waiting to see the next flaws in the incoming administration wonder when the next impeachment process will begin for its the only way to clean the house. Reminds me of Musical Chairs.

Timeline, some one verify for accuracy, and what will the song be?
Brazil's Rousseff enters final act of impeachment … html?nhp=1
This will be swept under the rug really fast, then back to everyday business.

Well it seems the people will suffer more, keep one illiterate and one will keep getting what it got!/ wow
Brazil's Unelected President Cuts Successful Literacy Program | News | teleSUR English … -0002.html
it's a shame the powers that be are blind and cannot see. Education and Literacy is away out for a country. Might as well stick a fork in it for the people are over cooked. The vote commences prepare and stock up on what you can for this will definitely be a Rough Ride.
might as well add this one to the fujudo.
Here's 4 Terrifying Examples of a Post-Coup Brazil Future | News | teleSUR English … -0026.html
wondering which will materialize.

they only have themselves to blame

I see a few street disturbances occurred the other day, the  voting will start soon and I wonder what moving day will be like for one or the other for someone is going to lose a Palace as a matter of thought it maybe several people occupying the Palace over the next few years, maybe a New Election? for I read all possible 3 successors have problems anybody know who's number four if the country gets past the 3 in line. I wish I was a betting person for I would be broke placing money on this fiasco. This will leave Brasil reeling into 2030?

Well it seems it's over. What a Whirlwind, anyone thinks it's going to get better. I'll move along nothing to see here!.
Brazil's President Rousseff Ousted From Office by Senate - ABC News … e-41761010
Now for the Banishment!  I won't stay tuned. Now on to Economics 001 or 00?
The Latest: Brazil Economy Still on the Slide - ABC News … t-41770503

some one's not going to be a happy bunny  :sosad:

My Brazilian friends are saying that Lula will run again in 2018 and that he will most likely be elected again.  :unsure

VictoriaChandler :

My Brazilian friends are saying that Lula will run again in 2018 and that he will most likely be elected again.  :unsure

Well here we go, looks like another one down. Who's the next Hero. No one will be unscathed after this episode. I wonder who will be pardoned and retire off into the Sunset.What a frigging me$$.
Brazil's Lula and wife charged with corruption: Globo TV … nance.html
Hard times create strange bedfellows. Let the fun begin. But wait I know there's more????.

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