hi everyone can you help me to find a job

i am adeela and im from Pakistan just joined this blog i have recently moved to Malaysia and living in selangor and enjoying my time here alot except cant seem to find a job though im very active on linkedin and jobstreet and have 9 years of telecom specialist experience with an international firm in Pakistan can somebody help me finding a job or the right people and also im a an avid music lover are there any concerts happening here

thanks and looking forward for the response.

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Hi if you do a search you will see lots of threads and my repeated advice

Never come to malaysia to look for a job.

If you need a job go to the emirates jobs are easy there! Enjoy your holiday here and apply for jobs around the world but focus on ME.

it was 6 years old thread, i wounder why still people replying ??

ok so that means I should just lose hope and stop looking? all my education and experience will go to waste but thanks for the response the search will continue till i land a job

Adeelanaz :

ok so that means I should just lose hope and stop looking? all my education and experience will go to waste but thanks for the response the search will continue till i land a job

It does not.
Get stuck in, keep positive and get that job.

You can do it. :)

S.haider what have you been smoking! And where do i get it lol.

Post is from yesterday so unless i got in a hot tub time machine.....

Fred bad advice if someone wastes 6 months and 10k usd looking for a job. Malaysia simply doesnt need lits of expats. I have met lots do this and regret it. Different if a spouse or have family here to stay with and want a break. Then less expense and expectations lower. But someone who expects to work? You have to be flexible as an expat. Go where the jobs are.

And why do people think it is so easy to get a job in another country?

If I go to Pakistan can I get a good job there just like that? I doubt it.

Malaysia is a small country with high levels of education. They only really need low paid workers to do dirty jobs and a very few experts. In my 12 years here i have seen the number of skilled expats decline. And salaries drop like a lead balloon. A good IT person got 30k now as low as 5k. Packages included free school places and drivers and maids. Now nothing extra apart from a very select few.

Demand has dropped massively and supply increased massively.

Nemodot :

Fred bad advice if someone wastes 6 months and 10k usd looking for a job.

It would be terrible advice if that were the case, but I don't have that information and a re-read of the OP's posts doesn't suggest it.

It isn't easy to find a job in a foreign country, but some people have reasons to want to live in a given place, so are willing to try.

I think the OP has to explore her reasons for wanting a job, take a level headed look at the job market for someone with her skills, then consider the legal requirements as far as visa and work permit go.

If a reasonable chance is there, have a go, but take note of Nemodot's words above.

im here on a dependant pass and my husband is already working im looking for a job because i have always worked and sitting at home is a waste of time. i joined this group yo meet like minded people and if there are any who experienced the same and here to help the newbees certainly not for discouragement and yes if you have skills you will get hired in pakistan regardless of race i had a lot of foreigners in my company but then i worked for an international firm but thanks guys do let me know if you know of any work opportunities n can help me out

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hey thanks alot for reaching out im sending you my resume right away :)

Hi its amzazing how people avoid the important facts like being here as a spouse. Then money isnt the objective. But most spouses traditionally just went shopping a lot as so hard to get a job in many areas. The most proactive do charity work. Plenty of charities need full time help! It is rewarding to do. From refugee schools to animal rescue. Malaysia need ls people to manage charities in so many places in kl.

I btw can get a job in pakistan easily but no way as a westerner would i risk it. My old boss had to run away from pakistan after nutters tried to kill him as an infidel.

hi i have already signed up for volunteer work in an orphanage house here but having a full time job is to satisfy my need to make difference in the world n make myself useful and i have to achieve certain goals in my life that I have set for myself and place and boundaries dont matter. however i am sorry for your boss experience and trust me not everyone is like that where i come from and you are certainly not setting up a good example from where you come from by your negative posts thanks

We have few positions on Marketing side. If interested send your profile to hrm[at]

Don't worry about people's who always talk negative. And I don't understand what they are doing in Malaysia. When they advice other not to come to Malaysia.
Forward me your resume **.I will try my best .you will get the job IA.It's only matter of time. Belive me.

Nasir Razzaq

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Yes malaysia is not for jobs. ...maby u can find a job in schools

It's not that hard. Keep applying. There are a lot of MSC status companies that have no problem hiring expats.

thankyou everyone for ur encouragement and support

I understand that living in pakistan is so frustrating but to work in malaysia u need to have unique qualifications. better you search for job in one of gulf countries.

Noted thanks

salam adeela,

This is Omar, I would like to know if you are interested in restaurant business. If yes, please send me a message. We can discuss about it.

hi adeela
**. would you mind working as a PA?

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Nice to see  in this crude world people still helping each other, Good Luck Adeela. I may not help Adeela to find a job, but sure i would not like to see any one to be discriminated and face rudeness of crowd here just because Adeela or anyone belong to certain country ,in her case Pakistan, I saw here some rude comments like ( living in Pakistan is so frustrating FROM A MOROCCAN GUY,,, OR PAKISTAN IS A PLACE TO AVOID AS AN AMERICAN OR BRIT, THE COMMENTS FROM BRITISH GUY) these comments are from those people who have no idea even about this region ( Pakistan + India + Iran + Afghanistan) leave aside the country itself.,.they never been to any of these countries,,there knowledge is only based on and from certain direction of media which made them mind a stereo type for certain countries----just to let them know There is nothing frustrating in these countries but lesser opportunities for job,, otherwise they are happier nations then many--- and this lesser opportunity of job is also for those who choose their own path or certain direction in the carrier which do not suite the country job market,,, i know many from these countries living nicely and go for regular holidays to those countries who criticize them and look them down
I know , hundreds,,,,i repeat ....hundred of people  from Pakistan who did not chosen the option to leave there nationality or country permanently and adopt others..and there are also examples from above countries including Pakistan are very successful in overseas, so..DONT BE BIAS AND STEREO TYPE , YOU STILL DO NOT KNOW THE WHOLE WORLD---

Hi Adeela My name is Yousaf I am working with Lenovo. The job market for foreigners is a bit slow but you can eventually find a job. Its not that you cant but you will have to wait a little bit.

Kindly send me ur resume if there is any vacancy available ill definitely let you knw

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Hi everyone,

It would be great if we can focus more on helping the initiator to find a job rather than to argue with each other please.

Ps i have removed some inappropriate posts from this topic.


Priscilla  :cheers:


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We are a language centre looking for an English teacher. If you're interested, please contact me through PM (private message) and I'll fill you in with more details.


mark hoppus :

We are a language centre looking for an English teacher. If you're interested, please contact me through PM (private message) and I'll fill you in with more details.


Please confirm you offer all the required documents to keep any foreign employees legal.

hi thankyou for getting in touch I'm looking for office work since i have a telecom background and worked in corporate sector mostly and taking care of kids is a big responsibility that i dont think i am well equipped for but thanks again for reaching out and happy new year to u too and God bless your familiy.

hey thanks will def get in touch n discuss

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hi didnt get the msg its deleted by admin can you pm?

yes. just text or email me or give me your number for us to speak. thanks

hi razakk.. i have a pakistani friend who would like to learn english.. do you know anyone who can help

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Hi Dayana
What kind of job you looking for.can tell more about you.

Good morning all,

Welcome to Malaysia, To be honest me as a Malaysian sometimes find hard to even get a job and i truly understand how would all you feels,

Im here to help everyone no matter the race,religion or nationality, i am a talent company owner, and i have tans of projects that i can put you through

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