Living in Khobar vs Bahrain

Hello we are moving to khobar in a couple of months and i can't really find a nice compound (online) so far that would fit within my budget !! .. but i was thinking about living in Bahrain instead and then my husband commute ..

Does anyone has experience with this ? is it very hard ?

and if it its, which compounds do you recommend with a budget of 100K ?

Note i am looking for a place with greenery and suitable for child entertainment and has a good day care around.



We stay in Dammam. I will do anything to stay  in Khobar (more Western). However, Bahrain is the better option. More western. Shops don't closed during prayer time. On Friday you can do something in Bahrain. I have not find things to do for my toddler. Except shopping malls.

Bahrain has a zoo and a waterpark .

If we had the option, I would have said. Bahrain

Please note: The traffic on the bridge from Bahrain to Saudi might be time consuming.

Enjoy your day .

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Yes indeed about the trrafic is whats worrying me.

Do u know the best recommended compounds and their price range though in alkhobar?

Sorry, I have no idea. School provide accommodation for us.

DANA , NADA , and many other compounds are good enough for the things which ur looking for kid and living .. majority of western ppl who work n ksa and residing  BAHRAIN just because of western culture , and night life. its take approx one hr to catch the once in KHOBAR FROM BAHRAIN , AT WEEKENDS IT CAN REACH 2 HRS

Largely depends on what you would be looking at and your work timings.

In Baharain, large houses in Saar district costs about BD650 to BD 700 a month. However, pre and post Ramadan the traffic to Bahrain takes anything between 2 to 3 hours during after 2 PM.

In Khobar, you may try - Golden belt village and Mohawis compound under that range.

Hope it helps!


Check out this website: … spx?s=true

If worse comes to worse and you have to live in Khobar or Dammam and not in a compound, then check out accommodations at hotels or service apartments...more than likely you may be able to cut a deal with those landlords, especially if they know  you're staying long term...

Bahrain by far is the better option being a woman and having arguments about it...however, if commuting is going to be an issue for you or your husband then definitely, HIGHLY, reconsider your decision because that causeway drive isn't a pleasant one; the guys I work with here that do live in Bahrain are used to it but they say at best, it takes about an hour or 90 mins on a good day to get to work and go back home; , Apparently Thursdays after work and any time on Friday are an absolute nightmare...majority of Saudis drive back and forth over the weekend and I have heard waiting times to take as long as 3-5 hours just waiting in your car. But I assume they're used to it by now as most of these guys am mentioning have all been here for over 8, 10, 12, years or longer....

I second giggs. It does get a little busy when schools breaks in Saudi however once you become an expert commuter you know how to get around the traffic congestion.

The Causeway will eat up a lot of your time....An hour or 2 minimum both ways...

You can check Gulf pearl 2 compound in khobar. They have villas within that range

Is anyone commuting from Bahrain to Dammam or Khobar for work?

I will be living in Bahrain and working in Dammam and I am looking for someone to car share with?

Hi - not related to your post but I will be visiting Bahrein soon. I currently live in Hofuf. Would like to be friends. I am from Cape Town South Africa

U welcome    kindly  inbox ur what's app for further     communication

Inbox ur contact I hv a friend who do the same

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