90 Day Stamps?

Can anyone tell me if they have had trouble asking for a 90 day stamp at customs and getting it even though our tickets are for a 30 day return? I have already called the airlines to check on a change but they want $500 to change return date. We don't plan on returning to the states at this time, thanks.

If your return ticket is dated for 30 days later, chances are that is what immigration will give you. Why would they do otherwise?

I've heard they give you whatever your ticket states.

No...they sometimes give you less than required. No guarantee either way, sorry. I have heard that some family members have received less days  than others, while going through immigration at the same time.

So it's best to just ask for 90 days at customs and just hope they give it to you?

There are no guarantees, but I have found that it is the airlines that pay the most attention to your return ticket.  Immigration rarely requests to see your return ticket when flying into CR and typically gives you a 90-day Visa.  In 2011-2013, when we took a number of 2-4 week trips to CR, all of my Visa stamps showed 90 days.

You can but try...

Thanks! Didn't realize they normally just stamp a 90 day pass never looked at it before, never stayed that long before.

With closer inspection on arriving passengers and their passports, I would 'expect' that more inspections may be focused on the departure tickets/dates.  Of course, this is only my opinion. :cool:

I did look at my passport and see from the last 3 trip to CR 2 were stamped 90 days and 1 was stamped for 15 days.

Americans get a 90 day stamp regardless of their return ticket date which is realized can be changed

I just came back.... I only stayed for 12 days but my passport was stamped with a 90-day visa. Immigrations doesn't look at your airline ticket; they ask you how long you are staying, say 90 days.

I have always been stamped for 90 days, thank goodness.
There is supposedly somewhere you can go in San Jose to get a shorter visa stamp changed to a longer one, no? Sorry but I seem to recall hearing of this but not sure of the details.

Even going to Nicaragua to leave the country to renew my drivers license they have always stamped me 90 days and even when my plane ticket was for only 2 weeks, they stamped me for 90 days.

But K is right, sometimes they do stamp people for less, apparently just because they "can"; who knows why...?

As some of you know I owned a B&B for many years so I am  very accustomed to the perils pf guests not being able to prove departure within 90 days . BUT I have had guests STOPPED  from the Airline BEFORE boarding the airplane from city  of Departure.  mostly leaving from the  USA  and miss their airplanes because they had only a one way ticket !. IT seems to be a random checking But it can abd has happened , so beware! !

Pebs, it is now quite common for the airlines to ask for departure tickets from Costa Rica before they let them on the plane to Costa Rica.
My wife was asked for hers by Delta and I was asked to show my "onward" ticket out of Costa Rica when boarding in the USA, by American.
The best thing to do is buy a ticket on a site like expedia that will take you onward out of  Costa Rica back to the usa in about 89 days, making sure you order it right before you leave the usa.

Then when you get to Costa Rica, go on expedia and cancel that flight and get it refunded. It takes 2 min. to do it online and I do it using wifi from the airport in Costa Rica. All airlines must give you 24 hours from the time you buy the ticket to cancel it, as I understand it; at least they do at expedia.
Just don't forget to cancel it when you get to Costa Rica! if you snooze, you lose!

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