Travelling from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan carrying money and Gold...

I am a Pakistani National .I have heard that a person can carry maximum 60000 SAR without declaring it;  while travelling form Saudi Arabia to Pakistan.but my question is :
1.Do I have to pay tax on Pakistani airport if i am travelling from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan carrying 60000 SAR? or Will i have to declare it over there?
2.How much tax will i have to pay if I am carriying 130 gm gold ?in the form of jewelery (my wife will be wearing)?Do I have to pay tax on both Airports?

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To address your question, you will have to check the local laws in Pakistan on how much foreign currency can you take with you. There must a ceiling value in dollars, beyond which you need to declare to avoid being charged with money laundering.


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Firstly, most countries require that any currency $10,000 or above in cash be declared at port of entry. However due to the unfortunate events these days even the ten thousand is not advisable. I would suggest to transfer though bank, as it would be hard to explain how you brought this amount, even if no one checks and you are able to take it (which is illegal) then you will have to explain to your local authorities, and a whole lot of paperwork etc.
Same with jewelry, it is not advisable due to security reasons to carry or wear such amount of gold while travelling.

Many countries have tax breaks for expats who bring funds from overseas as a form of encouraging legal transfer of funds.

We are still waiting to receive your flight details. When are you coming to Pakistan with lot of cash and gold? There are a lot of people waiting to serve you. :)  :(

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I will be coming on vacation after 1year, how much gold jewellery I can bring to Pakistan legally

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