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I would like to share my experience with all the members of this forum because i think a lot of people has problem with the "convention de stage" which is now obligatory in France to be abble to do an internship. I didn't have it when i needed it and i call a company (Be Student again). They offer you to follow an online course and then they can send you a valid "convention de stage" that allows you to do the internship you cant. You can contact Daniel, he can explain you and speak very good english. Good luck to all of you !

Yès i can confirm what Gabinono said : Be Student Again helped me when i was looking for an internship in France, very efficient and reliable service for those who has difficulties to access to internship because not following a course at the same time

Hi everybody,
An american friend of me has been also helped by Be Student Again and said to me that the service was great and very easy to use. As you mentioned, it's impossible to get an internship in France without the "convention de stage" and Be student again is very useful in that case because you can receive it very fast.

I also subscribed to Be student again's offer and it really helped me for finding an internship quickly, i warmly recommand it too !

Yes i agree ! Be Student allows you to get a six month internship which is great to enter the french market

Is it only for Europeans ? Or does this work also for people from other continents ?

Yès Virginie, my friend was american and he used it for a six month internship

Thank you for your support ! The convention is a document that protect yourself too and it's important to have it during the internship and the one Be Student send is totally legal and approved by all the companies in France

I come from Algeria and would like also to do an internship in France, I was wondering if this is open to all students ?


Thank you Stefifi i ll call them tomorrow, i'm so happy because i already found the internship but i had no solution to get that document !

Yes Pecorino, it s opem to all students [europeans and not europeans]

je les ai appele et je confirme aue le service est pro, j ai recu ma Convention deux jours apres, j ai choisi la formation en droit international

Genial Pecorino, tu revis je parie ! Moi aussi ca m a sauve la mise

thanks for all your kind answers,i talked to Daniel from be student again and he explains to me very clear:ly in english

i am also interested by bsa but i was wondering if they speak English because i can t speak french

Yès Romano, i have the same problem ! They speak very good english !

yès of course all the students can use Be Student Again (not only french och european)

Okay i did my internship now and i'm very thankful to Be Student Again because without their offer, i could'nt have done this wonderful job !

I also need to do an internship in France but i ve difficulties to get a convention de stage, the online school i study with doesn't have the right to edit one. Is Be student again opened to all student without any restriction ?

Yes or course It is, just call them, they will explain it to you

Yès bouchue and their offer is great because open to everybody from all over the world

Just call them they speak very good English

Can I have more info about which kind of internships you are referring to ?

Amy kind of internship that you want to do, ask be student again, they will help you

I did an intership in a communication agence, a friend of mine in a schooner, yes you can ask then and they Will explain

Thank you for your hel, i ve ca

Thank you for your advices, I called Be Student again and they re very efficient in answering

By the way, they have a reduced rate at the moment !

I also did an internship with Be Student Again and it was very simple and EasyJet toi understand because they speak good english

Do you know how much is the rate at the moment at be student again ?

430 euros, a friend of mine has just subscribed yesterday

I paid 530 euros men they often offer a reduction on the subscription's rate

With be student again, i did two internships, one in communication and one in marketing

Can I what kind of visa did you apply for once you have the Convention de stage?

Is there any direct way to contact this Daniel from BeStudentAgain please? Email or phone number?

You need only a student visa to get an internship via Be Student Again

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