Internship in France / Conventio de stage

if you need internship as soon as possible , the best answer to get yur convention de stage is bestudentagain : you will get it in one day and the service is perfect

Yes Be Student again is also warmly recommended by me, i did an internship very quickly thanks to them

I want to know after I get the Conventio de stage, how do I find an internship?

You can find it by yourself, but Be student has also a good network av companies they work with, they can help you

Hi, i'm german and i m interested in doing an internship in france, could be student again be helpful for me too ?

Yes of course, i m australian, and i got my convention by contacting them, they speak very good english and it s easy to understand them

Okay thank you Yaya333 for your advice, i will contact them ASAP

I've contacted them and they are very patient and nice people, they answered all my questions and i received my convention yesterday, thanks for good info

You did the right choice james rastino, they re very helpful, nice and efficient

I agree, for me too, it was a very good choice because I solved my pb very quickly

For me too, it was very quick, I received the convention the day after subscription

How is the rate at the moment for Be Student again ? Do they have new training courses ?

i think they have a discount now at 430 euros. For new formations you can ask them . They reply very quick

I thank it is 480 euros and i Heard about a new formation but don t remember thename, ask them, it s simplier, they speak very good english

Thanks a lot for the answer

I read recently 430 euros for Be student Again

It's the same price than a registration in a French University for a Fench or EU. So, it's a normal price. But i think in this price there is the student health insurance included. Inform you if they accept foreign people in the same condtions.

Yes they accept even forcing peuple, i m from Australia

Good to know, i was wondering because i m also interested in doing an internship with Be Student Again

Yes you can , from whatever country you problem. If you need more advice call bestudentagain or contact them by mail. It will be easy and useful

Do you know if be Student Qgain has some education in marketing or communication ? ( a friend of mine is looking for a convention asap)

Yes they have . I think they have several in communication or marketing. Maybe your frind can call them or write to them. They reply quickly. No problem.

Yes a lot of education in marketing and communication just call them

I've already done my first internship with Be Student Again but i m interested in doing another one, is there a Time to want Between two internship with them ?

I can agree that this is a very useful website! I did the same.

Nobody knows about the Lapse of time betwwen two internship ?

No lapse, you can do another intership exactly the day after you finished the first one

Okay thank you !

No wrong, you have to wait two months lapse

For lapse between 2 internships you must follow both of these rules :
- you cannot do more of 6 months in the same company in a school year
- the lapse you must wait between two internships in the same company is the third of the length of the first internship
- if different companies you can start the day after, no lapse

Bestudentagain can explain it to you very well !

Good to know, thanks for these important details

Okay i didn t know about that Time lapse

Do you know if they have an education in fashion ? A friend of mine from New York should need it...

yes they have in fashion and design but don't really know where. The best way for your friend is to ask them on their website or call them. They will be happy to help him, i'm sure

Oh ! That' really interesting, i didn t know that they have any education in fashion >>> thanks

Thank you very much for answering

I m also interested in that new education in fashion, do you know which university they are collaborating with ?

i dont really know which one but i read many good reviews about the education in fashion they have. You can ask them on their mail or have a phone call with the team of Bestudentagain : they are very helpful and kind to help you

Okay thank you i will 😀

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