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Can anyone suggest to me a good hair stylist? I've been to a few since we moved here and I've yet to find one I like or feel confident with. I have short and fine hair so usually needs texturizing but the stylists I've seen seem to not know what their doing or know how to do it haha.

I live in St.Paul's Bay and would have to take the bus so if any ones has suggestions to a salon that they've been to or heard great things about that would be somewhere close by, Bugibba, Qwara, Mosta, etc that would be appreciated. I suppose I could even go to Sliema/St Julians way as long as its easy to find and get to.

Thanks in advance!

Well its not that close to you but I use a really good one in Lija...Ive only used them for blow drying, not colouring or cutting, but  they are very good.


My girlfriend has short ,fine hair too and is interested to know what you mean by 'texturizing'?

She is very pleased with her hairdresser Pat here in Sliema for colouring und cutting and so on.So if you fancy coming to Sliema let me know and I will send you the contact details.


Ricky texturizing is exactly what it sounds like. Stylists use texturizing scissors or a razor to cut your hair, it adds a lot of lift, layers, body etc. My stylist back in canada always used this technique since my hair if very fine and flat. I really like it. Maybe they refer to it in a different way here rather than "texturizing?"

Ricky I would definitely be interested in more info for the salon your girlfriend goes to in Sliema. I would have to take the bus so it would need to be relatively easy to get to though haha. Just send me a private msg, thanks! If the stylist has a good rep then I'm willing to make the trip (not that its super far but you know)

My girlfriend is very interested but isn't sure if her hairdresser Pat does it .

She will ask Pat and I'll get back to you.

If you find a hairdresser who does it give us a note.My girlfriend is really interested too -))


Hi, I just moved here and am desperate to get haircut - same story as RubyMarie (have you found anybody yet?)

Any suggestions?


I have a great hairdresser in Mosta - Herbert at Ego salon - it's at the top of constitution street. I have loved everything he has done to my hair.


did you try Top coif ?
40A Triq St Paul in St Paul. (near HSBC)
the boss is french

21 572 711


I have very 'difficult' hair, long and curly...been cutting it myself for 25 years after a really bad experience in USA.  But broke down and had it cut by Steve Vella  St. Anthony Street, Bugibba 2157 8645, he was recommended by a friend here.  And VERY happy with the result and definitely going back.  He's really booked up though, earliest appointment I could get is Dec. 21st.  So that says a lot to me!

Thanks everyone for the info on different stylists. I'll keep them in mind however I did find one just down the street from my flat, Cute Look in St Pauls Bay. I was quite happy with the cut and style and not expensive at all. I'm still in shock sometimes as the cost of going to a stylist here, most of the time its quite cheap. In Canada I'm used to paying $60 CAD for just a cut so 20 euros is a nice change

hey guys, does anyone know of a good hairdresser who can properly bleach hair? I have the impression that either they don't know how to bleach hair in malta (everyone tells me you have to do it a number of times to get it to blonde...but who does that abroad??) or they use some cheap crappy bleach or something :) Or maybe I just keep asking all the wrong people! thanks!

I, in fact, just went from dark brown to blonde. Very happy with the results. The aforementioned Herbert at Ego salon did it, single process but with two toners. My hair is not even fried ;-)

hmmm..i see. top of constitution street ..where do you mean exactly? can you tell me some names of shops or some places around so i can better understand where it is. is he the only hairdresser there? should i ask specifically for him when i call? thanks :)

Yes, ask specifically for Herbert. There are 3 hairdressors. It is across the street from a grocery story and next to the targa gap pharmacy.

great. thanks!

HI my name is Marria.i have been in Malta just 3 month and still cant find good hairdresser as well. i live in hamrun.And i want to find keratine treatment as well.does anybody knows good one?thanks

Also looking for a stylist to keep hair healthy. Found the, owner have a long experience, don't know about the workers out there, may be someone have already been there ??

Before finding that link I have ruined my hair in one of the Sliemas Hight Street hairsaloons, Step Ahead was the name, be aware! Most saloons in Sliema (Malta?) are outdated and full of the amateurs, so those cuts are not worth a penny. Don't get desperate and go to the first place you find!!!

The post you are referring to is from six years ago!   I would imagine they have found a suitable hairdresser by now.

GozoMo :

The post you are referring to is from six years ago!   I would imagine they have found a suitable hairdresser by now.

Just an advertiser who probably found the forum on google.
As advertising isn't allowed on the open forums, it was removed.

They're invited to post a free of charge advert in classifieds.

Be aware of Cutting Edge Salon in Saint Paul's Bay / Bugibba.  The hairdresser Steve Vella just ruined my hair,  scalp amd health.  He burnt my scalp and hair and I ended up at the Hospital.  It was two months ago and I am still on the treatment.  I also had to cut my hair ( 30 cm ) because of the nad treatment that he gave it to me. I just wanted to go a one shadow lighter ( my hair car very dark ) . He did it so harsh at the one go insted of doing it in  degrees.  He doesn't reply , he doesn't talk to me.

Be aware -  The Cutting Edge Salon Bugibba - Steve Vella hairdresser.  Here is on of my messages to him after he burnt my scalp amd hair. There is no answer.

Dear Steve ,
My doctor said that certificates should be issued prior to application and a patch test should be carried out to avoid allergies. I never had bleach applied to my hair before, especially on my scalp. I sought expert advice on the matter and was told that a change from such a dark colour to a lighter one should be carried out in degrees and not at one go. It was a great shock for my hair. May I remind you that I was very afraid about the bleach , and asked you and Rebecca if it would not damage my hair etc, and you told me no , everything will be fine.
However nothing was fine. I needed medical treatment for ten days following an allergy to the bleach. I went to another saloon where they were shocked at the outcome. I was told that the bleach and colour had been applied to the scalp and not uniformly. There were different shades of colour on hair that has been damaged beyond repair. It will take a lot of time for my hair to recover and for the colour to look natural according to this saloon. It will need to get treatment to recover gloss and heal open cuticles. It needs to be kept away from the sun, that this is one of the worst periods for such a colour change. 
Finally, my hair is dry, hard to brush and looks awful. This depresses me, especially as I have been your client ever since I have been here in Malta once or twice a month. I know that you have a lot of clients but you should give the importance and respect that each client deserves if you want their respect back. May I say that service should always come with a smile and follows the concept of the saying that the client is always right. This is the way services thrive in a world of competition. Unfortunately your saloon failed miserably both with the unprofessional service and with the way you treat your patrons. I am referring to what you advise clients and how you deal with questions and complaints during or after treatment. I also believe that staff should not quarrel or show their irritation at anything, especially about matters that do not concern the client, like wages and personal problems. Time management is another factor. If the decision has been taken to treat the client, the treatment should be given professionally and not rushed as happened in my case and which probably is the reason why the results were so catastrophic.
I have no reason to question your professional service, but I do deserve more consideration as a patron, both in the form of a formal apology and financial return for the simple fact that the colour is not the one I agreed on, for the damage it has had on my hair and the costs of regenerating it again.

Hi RubyMarie

Have you tried Cute&Curly in Bugibba? The are next to the Euroclub Hotel.

Ruby70 :

Hi RubyMarie

Have you tried Cute&Curly in Bugibba? The are next to the Euroclub Hotel.

You have replied to a post from 2010!

However, still interesting the lack of improvement over the last 7 years  :(

I'm sure he's not the first to do it...  :rolleyes:


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