Salary v/s Cost of living. Is 4000 riyal enough per month?

Hi I have got a job in Doha and the company will pay for my flat, car and meal whyle on duty, now my question is:
3/4000 ryal per month is enough? I would like to send more money to my account and keep it for me, I just asking because I have no idea how expensive Qatar is.
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You will have some indicative figures here : Cost of living in Qatar – 2015

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It's vary depending on your own lifestyle. Check whether your lifestyle can match the same way as your own lifestyle in your home country.

You can get your own personalized cost of living report using this calculator...

4000 ryal sono veramente poche. Per stare diciamo bene dovresti chiederne almeno il doppio. Alcune cose costano di più altre meno (la benzina costa niente, il cibo costa poco), altre cose costano di più..4000 ryal sono circa mille euro. Non ci fai molto

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No man!!! What are you talking about! 4000 is nothing because you'd still want to eat other than meal on duty. You'd still want to buy yourself something and occasionally hang out. I'd not take that at all. But again, I don't know what's your situation and what are your plans. But answering your question, you'll end up with very little if anything at all IMO.

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