My First Vitur Visa and want to know my stay in Brazil?

Hi This is Ali I came from Pakistan and it's my first Vitur Visa validity 90 days Multiple, I want to know how many days can live in Brazil? Also want to know is it extendable or no?

Ali Masood

It should say at the bottom of your visa

If you can extend your visa, it'll say: Maximo: 180 dias.

The 'PRAZO DE ESTADA/DURATION OF STAY" line will tell you how long you can stay in Brazil at any one time.

If your visa does not have "VISTO VALIDO POR 5 ANOS/VISA VALID FOR 5 YEARS" or if it has anything else written in the text on the bottom (red arrow) then it is a one time only visa.

There is never a guarantee for extending a visa, that's always up to the Federal Police. Your question can't be answered.

James     Expat-blog Experts Team

Nothing written on my visa bottom as you shared sample of visa. Just written Multiple, Vitur, 90 days, 20 on below my Photo, Date and place of issue. Also some details of mine like Name, Birth Date etc.

Your visa is valid ONLY for 90 days, cannot be extended and can only be used for one single visit. You will need to apply for a new visa for any subsequent visits to Brazil.

Multiple Entry only means that during the 90 days you can leave Brazil to visit one of the surrounding South American countries, if you have a visa for that country, and would be able to re-enter Brazil again following the visit. Note that the 90 days will continue to be counted, even though you were temporarily out of this country. In your case the absence does not extend the eventual expiry date in any way.

None of this surprises me at all given this country's immigration rules for citizens of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which are very much more onerous than those for citizens of other countries.

James    Expat-blog Experts Team

Thanks Jame for your information.

if you come here and find a girlfriend then you can stay here in brazil for long time. i am also from pak and living here with my family.

Not quite true, you have to marry or be in a stable relationship that has already existed for 1 year. That pretty much eliminates a tourist.

James Experts Team

I am coming in FEB16. Keep in touch bro.God knows who can help eachother

Good luck nasir...


Good luck nasir...


Aslamualikum Ali bi .Umeed ha ap kharit sa ho gay. Ali bi ap sa Brazil ma job ka bary information lani . ma yha new hn kuch help kro yr.

i am from India and my girl friend from Brazil. Do you think its possible to get married in Brazil as we want to do it by early next year. Please share your views. It will help my proceed further.

sir James i have tow questions pleas give me ans  about these questions.                                               1) A person who belong to other country and lives in Brazil after marriage to a brazilian girl.may he has tow nationality ? one of his Birth country and other one is Brazil.                                                  2) sir my second Question is that i have passed Graduate degree from Pakistan in 2015 now i want to resume my study further. is it possible for me that i can resume my study from Canada ? Financially  i can support me in case of further Education.

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