Ask for buying printer, laminator, baby toys, English books and house

Hello everyone,
I am a Vietnamese mother, moving to Lima next March. I want to ask you price and places to buy color printer and laminator . I use them at home to make learning materials for my son so I don't need a professional and expensive ones. Secondhand things are ok:)
Plus, is it easy and expensive to buy toys, especially wooden toys or intelligent toys for a child?
I also want to know about English simple books for toddler, can I rent them, or buy them?

Oh sorry for asking so much. I have short time to prepare everything so I am very worried. Regarding accomodation, my family (3 members) need a mini apartment with 1 bed 1 banor, kitchen. I only want to spend maximum of 500 USD for  that (including money for water, electricity, internet). Is it possible to find such apartment? My husband works in San Insidro, so we may look for one around this area.

Thank you very much. Your answers are greatly appreciated.

its quite late to answer, but... how is Lima?

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