Anybody up for jogging this week ?

Hi runners, next week-end is the Electric Run in HCMC, it's a kind of mix between running / walking / partying. Happens every year in HCMC and in other cities of the world. But I must admit it's the first time I hear about it.

Anyway, for those interested, I created an event, just follow this link and start discussing it there: … -2015.html


Hi there, apparently Electric Run is postponed to Saturday 5th of March 2016.

Hello everyone,

I'm a little bit late to tell, but there's the HCMC run planned for the 24th of January, in D7.

HOWEVER, you must register before the 3rd of January, and at the time being, only the 5km run is still available, the other races are full already. Yeah too bad...

Registration here, hurry up:

u look nice...but i dont like jogging. lol

Hello joggers following this thread, there's a run organized in March in D9: … pring-race

Number of places is limited, so you' d better register early :)

I was planning to run when I got here also. Now I'm not so sure. Im in district 7 phu my hung area. Huge quiet streets. Saw a couple guys biking.

You will hardly find a better place than Phu My Hung to run in Saigon. "Huge quiet streets" as you put it. If you don't run here you won't run anywhere :)

That might be true, there's a bike shop down the street though. Maybe I will go look. How did the jogging turn out for you?

I've been jogging in Phu My Hung for a while when I arrived here. It was nice, as it's quiet and the air is OK. And it's big enough so that you can have different tracks.

Then I moved to Bin Thanh district, and I jogged along the Nhieu Loc canal. It's a very enjoyable run, but even in the early morning there's a lot of traffic around. If you're concerned about the air you breath, it's not the best place ever...

If you like to run and you know about some running events in HCMC, please share it here for everyone to enjoy, as it's not always easy to have the information. For example, I heard about a 4km run in Phu My Hung this September, but could find nothing on the Net about it...

Hello HCMC joggers ! There's a 4km run organized in District 7, Phu My Hung, Sunday 25 September 2016. More info here:


Run early morning and stay inside the big parks in dirst 1. There's plenty! And yes, they survive! Goodluck

Just a quick reminder for you guys running around: there's the Terry Fox Run happening soon, Sunday 27th of November, in Phu My Hung, D7, HCMC. 5km.

Happy running :)

I ran along the canal time to time. But the evening (Less trafic, fresh, and few people there, only loving couples and people fishing)

If someone want to run an evening there, ping me. (I'm not a good runner, so some company will be appreciated haha)

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