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I've entered 'nam on a three month tourist visa and am currently doing Celta, so I can't get away in the day. My passport has no space left. I emailed the high comission about renewing it, i.e. I've printed the form, can I send someone else to the embassy, but I got a snooty reply saying the email is only to book an appointment (I can't get the information about opening hours (I have to start studies at 9am.) or if I have to go in person. I phoned them but it's a recorded message that doesn't give the information.

Has any UK citizen recently got a renewal in HCMC?

I haven't made any kind of passport there but I have used their notarial services and affirmation services. But I do know for any kind of documentation required there is now quite a stringent procedure that must be adhered to, Below is a cut and paste from their site (forgive me, if you have read this):

You must make an appointment for each service that requires your personal attendance. Before booking, you will need to complete a service request form and email it together with your documents to: notarialservices.hanoi[at]
The embassy will confirm if the service can be provided and where it can be carried out. The embassy will also provide you with a link to book your appointment online and a reference number. You must quote this reference number in the ‘comment’ box under the ‘additional information’ part when booking your appointment.

A couple of years ago you could just walk in and chat with someone but that has changed completely. You do need to go through the procedure to obtain any kind of entrance into the building - as far as I am aware and from personal experience. I would imagine obtaining any kind of passport etc would certainly require personal attendance. It is a strange set up. When I needed earlier this year an affirmation from the Consular that I had no wife in the UK I had to go through exactly as above. It involved sending an email to ask if the service I required was available, then an affirmative response came with the necessary forms attached which I had to print off and physically sign and then scan and send back via email with the fee that was required and then I had access to the part of the website that allowed you to make an appointment at a time of your choosing. A strange set up in this modern world; to download, print off, sign, scan, and email back. Rather long-winded but there was no way round it.
Perhaps someone knows differently, then forgive me, but I would imagine - if a passport replacement extension/extra pages etc is available at the Consular - it will be a long-winded procedure but at a lot of time can be saved by just starting at the point that they say to start and as mentioned earlier. I can't imagine any kind of passport procedure would even begin to initiate if the holder is not there in person. I could be wrong of course.
But is that service available at the Consular in HCMC or the Embassy in Hanoi?
Passport renewal is not actually not on their list of services required. Emergency travel documents are, but there is no mention of passport renewal or extra pages etc. All UK passports in Asia are now supposedly processed via Hong Kong. It may be a case of renewing online via the Gov UK website, sending your passport back to the UK, and then DHL it back out here - from a UK address - they won't send it abroad. Perhaps a lot less hassle and a few weeks lost and a cost of about £50 (for the postal service, not the passport) to send it back in 3-5 days with guaranteed delivery.
Good luck with all anyway. I hope it all works out

Thanks. Actually, contacting Hanoi might be worth a go now you say that, based on your report that they replied to you at all (better than I got). As far as I can tell from the information online, all UK passports are now issued in the UK, they stopped the Hong Kong thing, but the embassy will accept the documents, which are then couriered back (at your expense). This is what I'm kind of understanding, but it's FAR from clear.

I'm still not sure what to do. ... I guess try contacting Hanoi, though I'd be asking them about HCMC HC.

I just got an autoreply from them (finally) it says passports are only issued in the UK and so they cannot answer any inquiries.

But isn't the law now that in Vietnam I always have to have my passport on me?

Most of the information you need is here. … _new/adult

It neglects to inform you the UK passport service abroad is total crap to the point of pathetic, and a bunch of drunken monkeys with severe learning difficulties and a limp could manage a better job.

You'll also find a UK helpline number on that site, but you still have to contact the local office for an appointment.

lifemagic :

But isn't the law now that in Vietnam I always have to have my passport on me?

NO, but you must be able to identify yourself. Just keep a copy with you.

Quickest way to Ontario a replacement/renewal is a online application, it took me 6 days to receive my new British passport. Brilliant service (my passport wasn't expired, I just hadn't full of stamps.

Sorry. That's quickest way is ONLINE not Ontario, for British Passport

Mariner42 :

Sorry. That's quickest way is ONLINE not Ontario, for British Passport

Don't you just love that autocorrect.  :)

It seems there is at least one advantage to being a Yank instead of a Brit in Vietnam.  I got my new one in about a week in HCMC at the US consulate.

OK, so if I was an American, it would all be simple for me.

Then again, if I was an American, Uncle Sam would expect me to pay tax every year even when I'm living in another country paying tax elsewhere.

Hmmmm. I'll stick with the problems I've got ;)

Not sure what is meant by applying for a new passport online means. I mean, I know what it would mean in theory, but surely I'd know about that if it was possible.

Anyway, I only have to wait until Monday now as my course will be finished, and I'll be able to go in person (finally).

lifemagic :

Then again, if I was an American, Uncle Sam would expect me to pay tax every year even when I'm living in another country paying tax elsewhere.

I did say there was one reason, not a raft of them.  You may not realize it but the US does exempt the first $100,800 that you make overseas.  If you are making more than that in Vietnam, you certainly are doing well.   :joking:   It's only the very wealthy and the corporations that gripe about being taxed for overseas income by the US.

Hello. I'm just about to start this process and its proving very difficult to understand. I was wondering how you got on? Did you need a proof of address and to pay a lot for translation? How long did it take? Any information would be much apreciated!!

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