Family Visa _Myths & Facts (INDIAN joining in Oman)

If i am planning to take my wife on visit visa does it need family status? right now i havent get family status as i joined recently. as accounts assistant.

Hi vineethpb,

For applying for a Vist Visa, family status is not needed.

However, the documentation and the paperwork would have to be routed by your sponsor / employer only.

For more information and details, please read the many other topics of discussion on the forum please.

Hi Friends,

I am presently working in Kuwait and now having an offer from Muscat.
Could you clear my below doubts. ?

1. My degree certificate is already attested for Kuwait (10 years ago). The orginal certificate has attestation from Secretariat-TN, External Affairs and Kuwait Embassy. Do i need to attest again for Oman.? Please tell me from where to get those

2. Getting attestation in a Copy is enough or it should be in original certificate. 

3. Can i do medical test for me and my family in Kuwait itself. Please provide link OR details about the approved medical facilities in Kuwait.

4. Is Police Clearance Certificate required

marriage certificate
your agreement copy
your sponsor sign letter
your id card copy
your family passport copy
4 photo
sponsor will sign all document after get ready typing application for any office

what docs needed to bring a family to oman in 2018 , salary , rent agreement , specific profession ...any one can share ..thanks

it is already clarified in detail if u can read old posts.

it's an old post ...and is written no any problem with the profession but I asked many offices here and they r asking about it, that's, why I posted this as in 2018...the salary, is 300 but what about the profession, that's not clear to me, thanks


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