Internet and TV providers in Antequera region


I'm new to this blog, so not sure if there has been a recent thread posted about this - apologies if there has.

Is anybody able to provide some recommendations for internet providers and/or English TV providers in the region around Antequera? My father is moving to the region and I'm trying to arrange his connection before he gets there. Specifically I'm looking for the best internet deal to ensure he has a good connection and able to stream TV/films without any issues. Also, if anybody has suggestions for how to access English TV from the region, that would be very much appreciated.



Hi Matt

I had a look to see if our Internet provider, Dinfotec in Alcala La Real cover your father's area and I don't think they do. I'm not sure who else to suggest as I don't know Antequera that well. However, with regards to UK TV, we use which is brilliant for watching free live tv (internet connection permitting!) and of course iplayer for BBC and ITV which can both be accessed if your dad downloads a VPN to his computer or tablet.
Our Internet which is generally quite good (we are in a very hilly area) costs around 33 euros per month.
Hope this is some help to you and sorry again that I can't be more specific about local providers in your area.
Best wishes, Lottie

Does anyone have any info on home internet /phone packages please?  We have heard of movistar obviously, but wondered if anyone has any experiences in what TV packages they offer and if the programmes are in english?

Thank you

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