Tennis and Yoga in Davao City

Hello :)
Wondering if anyone can recommend some tennis courts in Davao City.
Ive never been to DC but Ive decided to pack up my tennis racket and yoga mat and relocate.

Not looking for a high end club but a club with motivated addicted players :)

Court costs, monthly costs? Are these Sports Clubs w/ Tennis courts or just purely Tennis courts?
should I pack a few cans of Pro Penns or Aussie Opens?

Thanks for your advise.

There is a tennis club near Victoria Mall that is reasonably priced and many outdoor leisure activities around and outside of Davao. Dont have any firm details for you.

Thanks for your help Dinky.... will look for that Mall.

Also checkout Crocodile Park Clubhouse, they have tennis courts, a gym and a swimming pool very reasonably priced

Hi there, would like to know if there is a golf club where you can learn golf, no fancy thing tho!
Thank you in advance..

There are tennis courts and Yoga available in Woodridge which is in Ma'a Near Matina Davao El Sur.Also tennis courts in Crocodile Park not far from Woodridge. There is a Golf course  in Matina.

Hey Mr. Dinky! Thank you very much for your response, I appreciate that..

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