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Hello there,

My name is Hasany Aras and I'm from Malaysia. I'm now enrolling as one of the students in College in the city of Melbourne. Currently looking for a part time job for me to cover my cost of living and need to find a room for rent near to the city.

Kindly if you have anything that can accommodate me to this request, I am very delighted if you can contact me through


Kind rergards

Hi Hasany Aras,

Welcome to! ;)

I would invite you to have a look at our guide here :

Best of luck.


You can check to find a shared room.
For part-time job, it helps to look around in the city. Sometimes you will see vacancies posted on the shop's window. It's harder to get a part-time office job unless you have the experience. But you can submit your resume with some recruitment companies.

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Hi Arasmerong, you can find a list of the best websites to find a job in Australia here: Best jobs sites for expats in Australia

Hi Hasany,

I suggest to look for the job and share flatmates.
This website is really good and you can look just about anything.
Good luck with your new venture in Australia.


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