How do I send a phone and toys to my loved ones with out customs take

how do I send my loved ones presents with out customs stealing and charging for distribution

search for an authorized and certified forwarder company :)

Try a "balikbayan box" door-to-door service.

Hi Ron,
From my own experience, after a trip to California last year to see my family I wanted to send back a bunch of toys, etc for the kids here in the province, I used Atlas, who has a person on site to prevent thievery, and the like. Anyway in 45 days a jumbo box appeared at my doorstep, untouched, unopened, and the kids enjoyed it immensely.

By searching for the best delivery site or door to door post.

Been using UMAC for over 4 years never had a problem with theft,sometimes the box from Florida will take longer than 45 days,but that is my only problem. Trying Atlas this month because the box is a little bigger and same price should know the results by 9/11 according to their online tracking system.
Umac can be found at

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